Zurie Toy Collection PVP Station Light 3000 with all DIgital Games

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  • PVP Station Light 3000 TV Game For Kids. Classic PVP Station Light Hand Game Inbuilt Games Free Cartridge Easy to carry Rechargeable Good High Life Battery 2.7" LCD Screen. Description specification: (1) 2.7" LCD displayfull color digital crystal screen (2) support more than 2000 different 8-bit true color games 888888 games bulit-in 1 (16mb memory) enclosed game cassette with 999999 games bulit-in (16mb memory) (3) tv-out function plug and play (4) with 700mah lithium rechargeable battery (5) power: 110-240v ac: 50-60hz (6) body size: 155*72*19 mm (7) body weight: 0.3kg (8) multi colors (9) small and delicate easy for carrying in pocket (10) package includes: 1x game cassette 1x game player 1x power charger 1x 700mah lithium battery 1x av cable 1x case 1x user manual.
  • KfTgTc-fLiP-V-5