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Yayas Ayurvedic Combo set of Hemo-14 + Slimming Granules for Weight Loss Management


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Did you know that how Anaemia/low haemoglobin condition leads to Weight Gain and lack of iron can also make it harder to lose weight? It is actually quite simple. When your body is deficient in iron, it makes it difficult to produce sufficient red blood cells. This causes you to have lesser energy. This lack of energy, or fatigue, makes it difficult to exercise and stay active physically.,Moreover, today's sedentary lifestyle coupled with the lack of energy leads you to burn lessercalories, thus essentially hampering the weight loss process. So, for effectively losing weight, its important to ensure that your body isn't deficient in iron. An anemic body will be unable to exercise properly due to inadequate oxygen delivery to the cells, causing exhaustion. Further, severely restricting diet can be dangerous n can cause body to preserve fat and make you unable to loose weight',Thus, it becomes more important to treat Anemia first. Yaya’s Hemo-14 is an ayurvedic supplement for treating Iron Deficiency & Anemia. It is a combination of naturally processed iron and essential medicinal plants that are helpful in treating iron deficiency and anemia as recommended by ayurveda. It delivers iron in a highly assimilable and easily absorbable form without causing constipation. Along with Hemo-14, Yaya's Weight Loss Supplement can aid you in your journey for effective weight loss,Hemo -14 :- Contains naturally processed iron; Cures iron deficiency & anemia; Improves the functioning of liver; Aids digestive processes; Purifies blood by removing Toxins; Helps to keep you fresh and active; No constipation & gastric irritation; Significant rise in Hemoglobin level within three weeks,Slimming Granules : Yaya's Slimming Granules is an ayurvedic weight loss supplement ; Stimulates & breaks down the stubborn fat; Increases metabolism rate to burn fat; Tones and shapes the body; Helpful in constipation, indigestion, acidity, gastric trouble , painful joints;
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