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Types of Hijab

Hijab is a head scarf or head cover used by Muslim women and Islamic/Arab countries women to cover their face and hairs. There are wide varieties of hijabs that are used across the world. In few countries, the hijab covers complete face and in few countries, the hijab is used to cover hairs and neck. As per their tradition and culture, the way of using hijab differs in each country.


Hijab is a square or rectangular cloth piece used to cover the hair and neck without covering the face. Hijab cloth comes in different fabric and can be used just by folding it as per length of the face, putting over the head passing it till the neck and tying under the chin. Muslim women whoever attains the puberty age uses this hijab to cover their face in front of male and non-Muslim females. Hijabs are available online in various colour combinations, shapes and size that can be worn matching to the outfit of a woman.


The niqab is another famous headscarf used to cover the whole face excluding eyes and sometimes forehead. The niqab is the scarf that extends till stomach covering the chest area and middle of the back. It is normally worn with the burqa and other clothing to hide their face in front of unknown male and females. It is largely used in Arabic countries such as UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait, Bahrain and few parts of Northern Africa and India.


Burqa is yet another popular outer garment that is worn by Muslim, Islamic and Arabic women to cover their whole body. The burqa covers from head to toe including eyes with a mesh screen. It is one of the most popular outer garment worn on daily basis by a huge population of Muslim women and Islamic women when stepping out of the home.


Chador, as a name suggests is an open cloak worn by some parts of Middle East women and is full in length with no hands openings. It is covered in front by holding it in hands. A chador is usually worn with hijab for extra safety and showing modesty as per their culture.


Khimar is another type of hijab used to cover the head, passing it down to the back waist. It covers almost half the body as it covers head, neck and shoulder excluding face.


Al-amira is two-piece cloth/veil consisting of a fitting cap and loose scarf. Cap fits tightly on the head and scarf is used to covering the face.


Shayla is a rectangular cloth that is used to wrap or cover the head leaving face and neck. It is wrapped around the head and pinned at the shoulder and popular in countries like gulf and usually made of silk material.

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