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Sway in style with exclusive gown collections!!

Presented by dbSOUQ.com, for all the ladies who love to flaunt their beauty wearing, exclusive gowns designed uniquely for all body and shapes. From top seller across the world, Almirah, Leranath, Roykals, Royal Fashion, Stylee Lifestyle, Hiren, Swathi & more we have wide range collection of gowns in our online.

Varieties of brands, unlimited colours, designs & Pattern threaded on different materials of gowns, rayon, cotton, crepe, georgette, net, Linen, Banglori silk and others. Evening Gowns to Party Wear Gowns, Wedding Gowns, Casual Gowns, Formal Gowns, etc. are available online at dbSOUQ.com

Besides this, there are many types of gowns that are popular for their designs and structures.

Ball Gowns

Ball Gown is one of the most famous and largely liked by everyone since ages, From Cinderella to top model of the current generation. This gown is definitely an all-time favourite of each individual. This amazing attire is fitted with multi-layer cloth flair at the waist and flowing till the floor. This ball gown looks great on all body types, but highlights on pear body.

Ball Gown is ideal for evening wear and largely chosen for engagements and weddings. Choose a colour of gown that adds extra charm to you and material that you are more comfortable.

Empire Waist Gowns

An Empire Waist garment has a high cut waist seam that sits directly under the breasts (above your natural waistline).  It’s flattering on so many body shapes because it doesn’t require a defined natural waist to work. Empire-waist gowns are the one with a long waist line that fits around the breast line and flow downs till the foot. The design of empire-waist gowns is in such a way that the gowns can be used for both formal and casual, depending on the design and dress material. It best suits for pear-shaped women, who want to hide their tummy.

A-Line Gowns

A-line gowns are a yet another type of gowns that are largely used by women and girls due its elegant look and design that suits everyone. The A-line gowns can be the perfect choice for parties and brides maid.

A-line gowns also have another modified version that is fitted around the bodice & hips, flowing down till hem forming A shape. This fits closely to the body give a shape, unlike traditional A-line gowns.

Sheath Gowns

Sheath Gowns are quite different from regular gowns as no flare or very little flare down from the hip. This style of gowns is designed to fit body with a straight cut. Rectangle-shaped women, hourglass-shaped women can rock in this Sheath Gowns.

Trumpet Gowns

Trumpet gowns are one of the gorgeous gowns and liked by a large number of people has the design of the gowns fits through the whole body, flaring from thighs with many layers. This gown looks great on women with a small waist and straw berry shaped women.

Mermaid Gowns

This is one of the rarely used gowns has the whole gown is designed to give the look of a mermaid and suits few people. Not everyone chooses this Mermaid gown has it is not easy to carry and needs to be maintained. But, if the woman wearing this knows to maintain, then this can be one of the beautiful gowns to all shape women. Mostly the brides choose this mermaid gown has it gives an elegant and gorgeous look to the one who wears it.

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