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Ladies Dupattas: An Elegant Addition to Complete An Ethnic Look

Ladies dupattas add oodles of elegance to ethnic outfits. They are free-flowing garments that are a quintessential part of ethnic wear collection. Been around for ages, a dupatta is a one-piece garment that can be draped in numerous styles. It is a beloved piece of clothing that has stood the test of time in the world of fashion as women in different parts of the world including the UAE and the Indian sub-continent continue to use a dupatta to elevate the style appeal of an outfit. Any ensemble adorned with a dupatta can make you look like a true fashionista. While traditionally dupattas are worn with ethnic outfits, you can also pair a dupatta with a contemporary outfit. A dupatta can be used for a casual, everyday look or for lavish occasions. The color, design, and the style of a dupatta can either match or contrast with the outfit. While matching dupattas with ethnic wear is an age-old trend, if you want to liven up the appearance of your outfit, then try pairing a contrasting dupatta with the outfit. From adding a touch of glamour and grace to the ensemble to making you look fashionable, there are plenty of ways in which a dupatta can transform your appearance.

Buy Ladies Dupattas Online At Great Prices

In the UAE, DBSouQ is a one-stop destination for all ethnic wear needs. From fashionable stoles to the latest designer dupattas, there are plenty of options you can find in the ladies dupattas category. On the website or mobile app, you can narrow down the search by selecting the type of dupatta you are looking for. Here you will find a range of fashionable ladies dupattas available on discounts.


Stoles are fashion favorites that are often worn with Indo-western outfits. They come in a variety of materials and feature attractive designs. Stoles are versatile garments that can be adorned with ethnic as well as western ensembles. Whether you are wearing a kurta salwar outfit or a pair of jeans with a top, you can wrap a stole around your neck to showcase an elegant and chic style. Stoles are functional as they can keep you warm during cold days and also fashionable as their addition can make any outfit stand out.


Shawls are must-have fashion trend during the winter season. Made with wool, this is an article of clothing that both men and women wear to keep themselves warm. These clothing items are popular in different parts of the world. While shawls are made with a range of materials, the ones made with pashmina continue to be a true favorite because of their soft fabric, attractive embroidery, and design. Pashmina shawls are premium-quality shawls that feature exquisite design. There are many other types of shawls that either feature intricate embroidery or minimal design. If you want to buy a good-quality shawl online then Dbsouq is a perfect destination for you. From handcrafted woolen shawls to Kashmiri handloom shawls, there are plenty of options on DBSouQ that are worth exploring.

Silk Dupatta:

Silk dupattas go way back in time, as for ages, women, and men in different cultures have adorned them at special events. Earlier, it is a garment especially worn on lavish events, however, nowadays, one can style their everyday outfit with a silk dupatta to make a fashion statement. It can either feature prints or embroidery. A silk dupatta is a symbol of the rich culture of countries like India. The unique handwoven technique is used to create these fascinating articles of clothing that can make any outfit look stunning. Style an ethnic outfit with a silk dupatta to catch all the praiseworthy looks and exude unmatched elegance. 

A silk dupatta is characterized in terms of the yarn and the weaving style used in the production process. Some of the most popular silk dupattas that you can add to your ethnic wear collection are Banarasi dupatta, Chanderi silk dupatta, and Tussar silk dupatta. A traditional weave Banarasi dupatta is often seen as a symbol of royalty and is a must-have clothing item for important occasions like weddings. If you want to achieve the classic ethnic look then you can just style your traditional outfit with a Banarasi dupatta and look like a fashionable diva. On Dbsouq, you can handpick the Banarasi dupatta that features weave patterns of your choice at affordable prices.

Designer Dupatta

A designer dupatta is a must-have article of clothing that deserves a spot in your wardrobe. From floral patchwork to traditional weaving, designer dupattas feature numerous unique and attractive designs and patterns. On Dbsouq, you can find a vast collection of latest designer dupattas at discounted rates. Whether you are looking for designer ladies dupattas in pure cotton or silk material, we’ve got you covered.