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Latest Trends in Abayas

Abaya, the outer garment worn by Islamic and Arab countries women, has nowadays become a huge trend across the world with its new designs and patterns. Like all other dresses and garments, Abaya – the outer garment used to cover the women body, is in high demand, especially in online, shopping for latest Abaya is increasing day by day as online shopping is giving a wide opportunity for every women to shop their traditional Abaya attire as per their choice.

The colour, pattern, size, length, material and everything that the women want for their Abaya can be selected staying in their home comforts. Without asking or waiting for anyone the ladies can now easily shop Abaya online that has unlimited options for every woman of all age.

At DBSOUQ - the top online shopping centre, we are pleased to offer you a wide range of Abaya collections. Varieties of Abaya wear, unique colours, pattern, size, designs and huge discounts on all purchase only at DBSOUQ shopping.

We provide all top brands of Abaya clothing that is available in the market. From Chic Foulard brand, we have the most famous Harafza Abaya, Look Style brand Abaya, Mybatua, Nukhbaa and Premium Gulf Touch Abaya clothing. Ranging from lowest of 40 AED to highest of AED 1800 we have Abayas in different pricing on different brands. Starting from the small size you can get up to 4XL suitable to your body.

Abaya Styles

Abaya is generally worn by women/girls when they are stepping out of the home. Abaya is long-sleeved, floor-length traditional attire that is mostly black in colour. It is worn above the regular clothes or dresses by every woman and is loose fitted. Traditionally it is one piece material worn over the head, but nowadays giving it a glam look the Abaya has the front open with overlapping layers, snap and zipper.

Burqa or Abaya, the main reason behind wearing this outer garment is to cover the curves of the women body. While burqa generally means to cover from head to toe, Abaya covers the body stitched in the one-piece material. Abaya sleeves are not stitched separately. It is designed with the same cloth material. So whoever wearing Abaya can choose to cover their face and hair with another piece of fabric such as hijab, tarha, niqab or Shayla.

The Abaya Comes in Two Different Styles

One can be worn from the shoulder and another one is worn from the head. Though the latest Abaya looks very simple and plain dress to wear, it has varieties of designs. Earlier Abaya clothing did not have any designs and works, but nowadays Abayas with different designs and works on it are in fashion. Design such as embroidery, beads, sequins, thread work, ribbon, lacework, crystals and more are found on necklines, bottom, sleeves, sleeve cuffs, front and back of Abaya.

Though the traditional colour of Abaya is black, latest Abaya is now available in multi colours such as grey, blue, brown, purple, green and more. It also has layers and pattern of multi colours stitched to make it more attractive.

Women who wish have a branded, trendy and fashionable Abaya can order the Abaya online on DBSOUQ shopping website that gives an extended option to choose the Abaya wearing as per one's requirement and taste.

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