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Designer Lehenga Choli Are Up for Grabs with Great Discounts

Lehenga, a popular traditional attire of UAE women since years has always been in trend with its unique designs and patterns that looks gorgeous on every woman. Comprised of three-piece clothes - long skirt, top (blouse) and dupatta (veil), lehenga is generally worn on ethnic festival, ceremonies, and weddings.

Due to its wide range of options with varieties of designs and combinations, girls/ladies from a different part of the world are searching designer lehengas online for different occasions and celebrations. The Lehenga which is also popularly known as lehenga choli, ghagra choli, chaniya choli, langa voni is nowadays in huge demand in other countries too.

DBSOUQ - online shopping center

We the DBSOUQ, an online shopping centre for all kind of products and materials, providing services across the United Arab Emirates, have now brought in combinations of lehengas online with different price range to make it easy for every Lehenga lovers to select their favourite colour, designer lehengas stitched in with different fabric materials to give you what exactly you want and would look best wearing it.

Types of lehengas

There are thousands of lehenga designs in the market, but to make it easy for you we have sorted the 8 types of lehengas that are popular in public.

Circular/ Flared Designer Lehenga:

As named, the circular lehenga is the type of lehenga which flares and forms the circular design at the hem. Completely covered with numerous pleats the circular lehenga out presents the extreme volume starting from the hem and going down till the flare. Due to its heavy volume on the skirt, this lehenga suits every body shape giving a rich look at any grand celebration such as weddings and traditional functions. Depending on your body type, we suggest you choose the circular designer lehenga of the fabric that goes with your body.

Straight Cut Lehenga:

This lehengas, as the name suggests has a straight cut on the skirt, measured and stitched accordingly to the one’s body. Usual this lehenga skirt doesn't flare like the regular lehengas and is skin hugging. Girls/ladies choosing these straight cut lehengas, make sure that you are getting it stitched or altered properly to your body shape to give a perfect look when you wear it.

Paneled Lehengas:

Paneled lehenga is the one which consists of several types of fabric stitched along the flare to increase the volume of lehenga. A contrasting color of fabrics is used in layers of both lehenga skirt and lehenga choli (top) making it suitable for colorful events and celebrations

A-Line Lehengas:

A-line lehenga is called for the lehengas that look in the shape of A, stitched tighter at the waist and flares out till the edge of the lehenga. Generally, this A-line or A-cut lehengas pleats are less compared to other types of lehengas. This type of lehenga comes in different fabrics that are suitable both for casual and functional wear.

Half Saree Lehenga:

Half saree lehenga is inspired by many countries, which consists of three-piece, Langa or lehenga, choli/blouse and davani/veil. Though this half saree lehenga belongs to the group of lehenga choli dresses, the way of wearing this lehenga is completely different compared to the above-mentioned lehenga cholis. Generally, this half saree lehenga veil/davani’s are worn in the style of saree wrapping around the waist and draped on the shoulder. Irrespective of body shape, this half saree lehenga is used regularly and also occasionally by a large number of UAE girls.

Modern Style Lehengas

Fishtail/ Mermaid Lehenga:

This is one of the modern lehengas that are designed in the shape of a mermaid, fitted tight from the waist, the fishtail designer lehengas are tightened at knees and flare in the bottom. The girls choosing this lehenga Has to be very careful as they are not comfortable for everyone to carry this out.

Sharara cut Lehenga

Sharara cut lehenga are the one which is stitched in the middle of the lehenga like a trouser with flare starting from the hem to bottom and looks like a lehenga in a whole. This sharara lehenga is largely used by Muslim, especially the brides during their wedding wear this type of lehengas as it can be designed with various fabric layer materials.

Lehengas & Jacket

This is yet another new lehenga design that is worn with long tops covering the lehengas. The attractive part of this Lehenga is the top which comes in many designs and patterns suitable to the lehenga skirt. These designer lehenga tops are like jacket, kurtis and more. These lehengas are used for functions, occasions and also regularly, as it can bring out the rich& elegant or simple look, completely depending on the dress material and the design of the lehenga.

The one who is looking for Lehenga in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Emirates of Sharjah, Umm al-Quwain, then you are the right place, DBSOUQ meets all your essentials for sarees.