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By providing us your Information or by making use of the facilities provided by the Website, You hereby consent to the collection, storage, processing and transfer of any or all of Your Personal Information and Non-Personal Information by dbsouq as specified under this Privacy Policy. You further agree that such collection, use, storage and transfer of Your Information shall not cause any loss or wrongful gain to you or any other person.

The terms "We" / "Us" / "Our" individually and collectively refer to each entity being part of the definition of dbsouq and the terms "You" / "Your" / "Yourself" refer to the users. This Privacy Policy is a contract between You and the respective dbsouq entity whose Website You use or access or You otherwise deal with. This Privacy Policy shall be read together with the respective Terms Of Use or other terms and condition of the respective dbsouq entity and its respective Website or nature of business of the Website.

dbsouq has provided this Privacy Policy to familiarise You with.

The type of data or information that You share with or provide to dbsouq and that dbsouq collects from You;

The purpose for collection of such data or information from You; dbsouq's information security practices and policies; and dbsouq's policy on sharing or transferring Your data or information with third parties.

This Privacy Policy may be amended / updated from time to time. Upon amending / updating the Privacy Policy, we will accordingly amend the date above. We suggest that you regularly check this Privacy Policy to apprise yourself of any updates. Your continued use of Website or provision of data or information thereafter will imply Your unconditional acceptance of such updates to this Privacy Policy.

1. Information Collection and Storage of such Information

The Information (which shall also include data) provided by You to dbsouq or collected from You by dbsouq may consist of "Personal Information" and "Non-Personal Information".

  1. Personal Information

Such Information that can be collected and further used to contact you is known as the Personal Information. Personal Information in this policy includes the following but is not limited up to:

  1. Your residential or official address,

  2. Your contact details,

  3. Your e-mail id or any other contact details,

  4. Your D.O.B (Date of Birth),

  5. Your Gender,

  6. Details regarding your transaction,

  7. Your Computer’s IP address,

  8. Your unique login details that you use to make the purchase transaction from the website.

  9. Any other such information that you provide on the Website during the registration process.

  10. The above Personal Information can be collected in number of ways during the course of You:

Any such information that is collected for uniquely contacting you or identifying you is known as the Personal Information. Personal Information for the purposes of this Privacy Policy shall include, but not be limited to:

  1. Creating an account as a seller on the Website,

  2. Creating an account as a user on the Website,

  1. Accessing the services availed on the website which includes making an offer for sale, purchasing online, taking part in online surveys, having a conversation with dbsouq’s customer care either by phone, email or any other source or posting the reviews under each product available on the website or,

  2. Doing any kind on business on the Website

We might also receive your Personal Information from the third parties like the Social Media Services, other Corporates or business partners. If you access the Website through any of the Social Media channel, then we may collect the information related to your user name with that particular Social Media account. The information collected may include your profile picture, email id, your friend lists or any other information that you have made public on that particular Social Media Account. When you access the Website through any of the Social Media channel then you are giving your consent to the Website to collect, store and use such information as per this Privacy Policy.  

  1. Non Personal Information

dbsouq.com is also entitled to collect any other type of Information from you that is not personal. This information can be collected when you access the Website and shall be stored in the server logs. Any kind of Non-Personal Information will not guide dbsouq to identify or contact you personally.

The Non-Personal Information will include:

  1. Your Geo Location

  2. Your telecom or internet service provider details

  3. Which internet browser you use like Firefox, Google Chrome, IEetc.

  4. OS of your laptop or computer

  5. Website you visited before accessing dbsouq.com

  6. How long you stay on the Website and also the details like the date and time you access the website.

This Non-Personal Information is collected through the Cookies. dbsouq.com has the right to store permanent or temporary cookies on your computer/laptop. You have the option of blocking or deleting these cookies. But if you turned the cookies off then you might be prevented from using few features of the Website.

Advertisement: dbsouq might use the third parties to display ads on the Website or across the internet. Such third parties may collect such Non-Personal Information about your access to the Website.

  1. You hereby represent to dbsouq.com that

    1. All the Information that you provide to dbsouq would be reliable, authentic, current, correct and updated and also that you have all the rights to provide such information to the website.

    2. If you are proving such information to the Website and if the Website make use of such information then this shall not violate or break any third party agreement, judgements, decrees, charter documents or orders.

    3. You are required to be above 18 years of age to be a registered user with this website.

The Dbsouq and its entities agents, directors, officers or contractors are not to be held responsible or the reliability of the Information that you have provided to dbsouq.com. You are entitled to indemnify dbsouq as well its entities, agents, directors, officers or contractors or any third party who relies on the Information provided by you in the occasion that you are breach of this Privacy Policy as well as this provision and preceding those provision above.

All the Information provided by you shall be stored in the electronic form; some of the data might also be stored in the Physical form. We have all the right to store, collect, analyze, process as well as use the data in the countries other than Dubai in accordance with the applicable laws. We also have the right to enter into the agreement with the third parties (outside or in Dubai) which can store and use your information. These third parties may have their own security measures to protect your data.   

2. Reason for collecting, storing, processing and using Your Information

dbsouq collect, store, uses and process Your information for any reason that is permissible under the applicable law and with the consent of the user and shall include the following:

  1. To assist You in using the Website and its services,

  2. To take action to your Inquires and reply to your queries about the Products and Services available on the Website,

  3. To send you discounts, deals and offers going on in the Website,

  4. To send you Information about change in any terms and conditions, policies or any other changes,

  5. To send you survey forms for marketing purpose,

  6. To make your experience better on the website by presenting products of your choices,

  7. To address any technical problem that you face while accessing the Website,

  8. To guide you if any of your payment transaction for the purchase fails,

  9. For rightly administrating the Website,

  10. To carry out internal reviews and analyze the data for the Website,

  11. To improve the content, services and advertising on the Website,

  12. To protect the honesty of the Website,

  13. To implement security measures,

  14. To provide value added services like Single Sign On which enables a user to enter his name, mobile number or email id to access multiple apps and website,

  15. To understand and analyze how the services of the Website are being used, to check the impact of advertisements, to facilitating payments,

  16. To reply to the legal or any judicial process by providing information to law enforcement agencies

  17. To conduct surveys about the user behavior and their preferences,

  18. To prevent or investigate against any illegal or fraudulent activity taking place on the Website by the User.

  19. To enable an investor or a buyer to evaluate the business of dbsouq.

  20. To conduct internal audit.

You acknowledge and agree that any Information collected from you is necessary for dbsouq and also that it’s for the lawful purpose. 

3. Disclosure and Sharing Your Information

a. You agree that dbsouq have all the rights to share, disclose and transfer Your Information in Dubai as well as outside Dubai to different dbsouq entities, third parties like business partners, bank or any financial institution for any purpose required by the applicable law. In any such situation of sharing the information to the third party, we will ensure that the same level of security measures is taken by the third party for the protection of your shared data.

b. You agree and acknowledge that, under permissible law, it is satisfactory that if  dbsouq shares your Information to any other party in Dubai or outside Dubai then dbsouq will put contractual obligations on the transferee which will put an obligation on the transferee to stick to the provisions of this Privacy Policy.

c. Dbsouq may share any kind of statistical data or any other Non Personal Information without your consent to facilitate various programs launched by the Website, its business partners, third-parties, banks or financial institutions. We also have all the right to share your information to those people who supports our business.  We also use third parties like debit/credit card processing companies, payment gateways to ensure that you make payment for buying the products on the Website.  When you make such transaction, you may have the option to save your card details for easy  and faster further transactions. In such a scenario, we may share your Personal Information as its necessary for the third parties for providing you such services. The processing of payments are as per these third parties policies and we are not responsible to you in case of any delay or failure in you payment processing.

d. Dbsouq might also share your Personal Information if it finds that it is necessary to take action or prevent any illegal or fraudulent activity involving any kind of threat to the physical safety of any person.

e. We also have the right to share your information if it is anytime required by the law, or under any legal obligation or order under law or in reply to the request from the law or judicial or any other constitutional authority to establish our legal rights to protect from the legal claims.

f. You also agree that this type of sharing and disclosure of your Personal Information as well as Non Personal Information will not bring any kind of wrong loss to you or to any other third party, or any wrong gain to us or the third party.

4.Links to Third Party Websites

a. Any link that goes from our Website to the third party websites are not controlled by dbsouq unless the same is specified on the Website.

b. dbsouq is not responsible for any type of communication received to you from the third party website. dbsouq also not guarantees the quality or accuracy of any kind of statistical data, photos, text, graphics, video or messages available on these third party website. The data provided by you to these third party websites will be taken care by the privacy policies of their own and for your betterment, it’s suggested that you go through their Privacy Policy before using their Website.

5.Security and Retention

a. Its highly important for your to safeguard your Personal Information. dbsouq works hard to ensure that the Your Personal Information in protected against any kind of unauthorized access or disclosure. For this reason, dbsouq secure internal reviews of data collection, storage, appropriate encryption and security measures to protect against any unauthorized  entry to systems where the website keep your Personal Information. The dbsouq and its entities will adopt all the possible security measures as mentioned in the applicable laws for the protection of your Personal Information. However your right to allege damages will be limited up to the right to claim only the legal damages stated under the Information Technology Act 2000 and you set free and waive all dbsouq entities from any such claim of damages.

b. Despite being limited in this Policy, The dbsouq will not be held responsible for any kind of loss, misuse or damage of your Personal Information, if such loss is attributable to a Force Majeure Event (as defined below).

c.  "Force Majeure Event" means anything that is ahead of the reasonable control of dbsouq and will include, without limitation, explosion, fire, earthquake, flood, riots, strike hacking, war, computer crashes, internet network, electricity failure etc.

d. While We make sure to take all the appropriate steps to safeguard your personal information which We store, You also acknowledge that the internet networks are not completely secured and we cannot ensure 100% assurance regarding the Security of your personal details.

e. You accept that The Website has the right to retain Personal Information shared by you till the time required for the purpose or is necessary under the applicable law. However the Non-Personal Information shall be saved till indefinite period.

6.User Discretion and Opt Out

a. You accept and also acknowledge that all the information that you are providing is out of your own will. You also have a choice to not provide the same details to dbsouq or you can also withdraw your consent later for such Personal information sharing for which you need to send an email to the grievance officer. In such a scenario where you refuse to share the Personal Information, you should not visit the website and dbsouq may also not be able to deliver your product to your address.

b. There is also an option where you can add or edit your Personal Information anytime.

7.Transfer or Sale of Business or Assets

a. dbsouq might transfer, sell or distribute some of entire of its assets, which will also include your Information in case of Business acquisition, merger, sale of business or assets or in case of bankruptcy. In case such type of business transfer takes place, dbsouq will make sure that your provide information is used by the transferee in way that it is constant with this Privacy Policy.

b. You are also in compulsion to use this Website only for lawful purposes and not indulge in any such action that is not permitted by this website.

8.Further Acknowledgements

a. Any kind of logos, service marks, trademarks presented on the Website are the sole property of dbsouq or their vendors or third parties. You have no permission to use those Marks without the consent of dbsouq, its vendors and the third parties;

b. provides for sharing of information;

c. provides for proper security procedures and practices;

d. provides for any type of personal information data to be collected;

e. is easily reachable and provide statements of dbsouq policies with respective of Information;

f. provides for the purpose of usage and collection of the information.

g. The cardholder must retain a copy of transaction records and Merchant policies and rules.

h. All Visa and Master cards are accepted. The accepted currency will be AED & USD

i. We will not trade with or provide any services to OFAC and Sanctioned countries.

j. The user is responsible to maintain the confidentiality of his account.

9. DB Wallet Terms And Conditions

1. DBWallet Credit can’t be cancelled or transferred to another account.

2. It can’t be withdrawn in the form of cash or transferred to any bank account.

3. Credits have an expiry to 3rd March, 2018. Check offer carefully.

4. Cash Back will be credited into your Wallet within 48 hours of successful completion of the transaction.

5. No returns accepted for cash back order.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction:

Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with this website shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of UAE.

United Arab of Emirates is our country of domicile.