TEMSON Happy Smiley Sky Ball Emoji Infrared Sensor Ball

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  • When you switch it on the ball starts to fly upwards with the help of a dual helicopter-style rotor-set. Simultaneously the in-built multicolour leds start glowing creating dazzling disco light reflection patterns as the ball flies The ball is equipped with infrared motion sensors to detect your hand or any other object placed underneath the ball causing it to levitate automatically The real fun is to try to catch the ball mid-flight as it is programmed to move away when you place your hand under it The ball flies to a maximum height of 10 metres and is designed to survive routine bumps and falls. It is safe to be used indoors with proper precautions Usb charging cord is included in the package and it takes just 15-30 minutes to charge from zero to full.
  • KfTgTc-fLiP-V-151