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Syn6 Excellent Match Football Yellow, Size 5, Hand Stitched Ball Laminated With 3 Layers Of Polyester Cotton


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From the manufacturers and suppliers of top global SPORT BRANDS, we bring the top notch quality Match football for you with 1.50 mm Korean Ducksung PU which is laminated with 5 layers of Polyester Cotton.... The manufacturer - Sporting Syndicate Pvt. Ltd is India's Largest Sports Goods Exporting Company and have expertise in making footballs on the lines of FIFA standards. They have patent for best technology in flights and grip for rugby, league, soccer and net balls. The Company has India's largest in house stitching center for balls, hence all the major brands prefer to deal with them due to safety of brand. The company lays immense emphasis on quality and services and hence, are the preferred original equipment manufacturer for the top brands in the industry.
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