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The Designer Wedding Sherwani

Matching the Royalty Feeling that a bride carries in her wedding is difficult for the groom on account of various dressing options available to the bride anywhere in the world. Fashion was limited for men for the majority of the previous generation. As times changed, fashion trends changed. Today we have a variety of options for men who are ready to step in the role of a groom ranging from Suits, Sherwanis, Jackets and Dhoti’s & Kurta’s, especially in the Indian Market. As per the traditions found in Rajasthan, the groom was bestowed with the responsibility of choosing a sherwani as his wedding Sherwanidress because it would highlight and resemble the lineage and heritage of his family and forefathers. Men’s Sherwani’s are long coat-like garments worn over a kurta that is buttoned to the neck with the length usually extending up to the knee along with the combination of a churidar or dhoti as the lower-body clothing. Choosing a sherwani is a tedious task as it is offered in almost all colors and with a wide range of embroidery work which is either hand-sewn or machine made. A designer wedding sherwani is usually very lavish and costly on account of the vibrant color hues, heavy embroidery, silhouette and the fabric used in such products. There are a lot of accessories options that can be worn along with the sherwani such as dupatta’s (Yes, we do get it for Men too), turban, juti, and jewellery.

Once a wedding sherwani is selected, the footwear that matches or complements the outfit is the Juti (also known as Punjabi Juti or Sherwani Juti) as the dress requires a classical or ancestral footwear styling which can be found in such shoes.

At DBsouQ.com, we offer a wide range of such Men’s wedding sherwani’s along with all the necessary accessories that would complete your look for the best day of your life (i.e., Your Wedding) and also for other events and occasions which would require you to look crisp and apt for the moment. We are currently providing offers on such products for sale along with an amazing return policy either to exchange or refund in case the product do not match the description or size and multiple payment options ranging from ATM deposit, Bank Transfer, Cash on Delivery and Online Payment (PayPal included). The products that are currently listed for sale on our site can be broadly classified into Simple, Sober and Royal depending upon the material, price, and design.

At DBsouQ.com, we are always on the lookout for the best set of clothing that can be offered to our customers that are unique, different and oozes with style. We offer various types of sherwani including designer wedding sherwani-wear made with material like Cotton, Silk, Brocade, Linen, Georgette, Wollen or Velvet while prices ranging from AED 200 to AED 5,000. The various designer options available are from Ajay Bhaleriwala, Malhotra, Nida Fashions, Jg Foreman etc. The designs available are based on the Traditional wear, Indo-western wear (which is a culmination of two traditions or two fashion hemispheres) and other styles that would enable you to pick the right option available for the best of prices with free delivery across the gulf.

As a company, we do offer a lot of products for sale ranging from electronics to clothing to accessories. Do check out those products too.