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Seac Organic Wheat


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Seac Organic Wheat is sweet, brown, cures excessive humor of wind and bile in the body, rich in proteins, increases virility, gives strength, is very nutritious and makes the chapatti soft as well as chewy. The flour from Madhya Pradesh wheat is creamy in color, granular to the touch, has medium gluten. Flour used for chapattis is usually stone ground whole wheat flour (called chakki Atta in India). Medium hard wheat is usually used for chapattis, puri and paranthas so also known as chapatti flour. Our variety of Wheat Grain is medium in gluten, easier to knead and roll, which in turn helps in rolling out the chapatti very thin, desirable in most parts of India. Dough stability and extensibility (Extensibility is the property by which we can define the stretching power of flour without breaking) is enough to maintain and retain shape of Chapatti, Puri, Parantha. It is easy to masticate and swallow.
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