REPL Dr.Advice No.88 Ringg Worm Drop 30 ml

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  • Indication: Ring-shape lesions Ring worm offensive odors from affected parts Barberis itch Stinging in skin Itching of hands and feet back of ears and occiput. Each 5 ml.Contains Bacilinum-200x 0.50 ml Sulphur-6x 0.50 ml Sepia-6x 1.00 ml Calcarea Carb-200x 1.00 ml Tellurium-6 2.00 ml Mode of Action Bacilinum 200x: Ring worm-Alopcia areata.Did not want to disturbed. Sulphur 6x: Scabius eruptions and tetters of a greenish yellow colour feels so good to scratch. Sepia 6x: Dry itching eruptions like scabies & burning sensation. Calcarea Carbonica 200x: Visible quivering of the skin from head to foot Burning- Skin of the body rough dry.
  • NCHPSC-KS-81