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Refund Policy

The products are mentioned under a different category and may have a different return or replacement period. For respective items’ return or replacement policy, kindly check the products page.


Lifestyle: Clothing, Accessories, Footwear, Jewellery, Kids and Baby Care, Health Care, Beauty and Personal Care, Lingerie.

Arabic Clothing: Designer Kaftans, Online Jilbabs, Stylish Khimar, Niqab, Abayas

Accessories: Woman Handbags, Watches, Sunglasses, Ladies Perfumes, Hair Gear, Clip, Umbrella, Belt, Rubber Band

Jewellery: Earrings, Bangles, Bracelets, Pendant Sets, Wedding Rings, Bridal Jewellery, Chain Pendant

Lingerie: Bra, Panty, Swim and Beach Dress, Night Wear, Lingerie Bags

Health Care: Herbal Products, Massage Oils and Creams, Personal Hygiene, Skin Capsule and Cream

Footwear: Flats, Wedges, Shoes, Ethnic Shoes, Formal Shoes, Heels

Beauty and Personal Care: For Hair, For Body, Eyes, Face, Lips, Foot Care

My Interest Zone: Home Décor, Home Care, Cake, Flowers

No Returns Category: Inner-wear, Lingerie (bottom-wear), Home Care, Beauty Care, Clothing Freebies, Baby Care Supply, Wax, Socks, Perfumes, Glue, Inks, Gels, Liquids, Polish, Food and Nutrition, Personal Hygiene, Beauty and Grooming, Gift Cards, Home Décor, Deodorants, Cake, Flowers


After the delivery of the product only the Return Period is applicable that too only if the received product is either defective/damaged, or is not as per the description.

In case you have got a defective or damaged product or it’s not like what was mentioned in the product description then you can request for replacement on the Mobile App or Website or Phone site within the validity of returns policy. If the replacement of a damaged or defective or not as described product is to be done, the seller will give you full refund after receiving thedefective product.


Return/Exchange Request


If you would like to exchange/Return products purchased from DBSouQ, You can create exchange/Return request for products purchased from DBSouQ within 4 days from the day of delivery.




Refund Amount


Refund will be initiated upon successful pickup as per the Returns Policy. The refund amount is expected to reflect in the customer account within the following timelines:


1) DBSoUQ Wallet - Instant refund


2) Cash on Delivery - Instant refund on the day of Pickup



Returns Process:

If you are facing any problem with your purchased product from dbsouq.com, we are here to help you by checking and bringing a solution to the issue related to product as a part of process of return verification. The steps involved in the process of issue resolution may be shared with you or assistance can be provided over a phone call or any executive or partner of dbsouq may visit your place. The vendor will also provide a replacement in case there is still an issue.

If the product is unavailable in the stock or has been removed permanently from the website then the seller will provide refund to the buyer for the entire product or a part or parts of it.

Cancellation Policy:

The order can be cancelled till the time, it is not dispatched.

The Time Duration to dispatch a product is 24 hours.

Procedure of Return:

In a case when the pickup of a product has to be done from a separate address then it can be done only if the new address is applicable for pickup service. Refunds will be done only through the Original Mode of Payment.

During the pickup, the returned product will be verified and it must qualify the conditions like:

1- Complete Product

All the in-box accessories like kits, instruction manuals, chargers, combos, and freebies (if any) should be present.

2- Correct Product

Image/ serial number/bar code/ brand/article number/name/IMEI should match with the original product and the tag of MRP should also be clearly visible and undetached.

3- Undamaged Product

The products like charging port, back panel, etc. should be undamaged and without ant scratches, tears, dents, or holes.

4- Product not used

The product to be returned should not be used even once, not washed, stainless, unsoiled, with non-tempered quality check seals and warranty seals (if applicable).

5- Undamaged Packing

The original packing or box of the product should not be damaged.