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OMORFEE Charcoal Whitehead Peel Face Mask (50gm)


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Whiteheads don't just make face look unsightly but also deteriorates skin health. It is of prime importance to keep skin free of white heads, for maintaining good skin condition. Chemical laden white head strips not just irritate skin but also makes skin susceptible to various problems in future. They tend to do more harm than good to skin. So why not adopt a natural, safe and a highly effective mode of getting rid of whiteheads. Acacia Gum has a wonderful thickening and stiffing property, which helps it to gently adhere to skin. This helps in smooth pulling off the whiteheads, without drying skin. Further boosted with activated charcoal, this product pulls out all the deep seated grime and impurities, which may cause any skin issues. Along with surface grime and stubborn whiteheads, this helps in cleaning up skin by adsorbing all the toxins in skin tissue. No more whiteheads popping on skin but only squeaky clean skin to behold!
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