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Nutriorg Tulsi Ark (Made From 5 Types of Tulsi) - 30 ml


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Nutriorg Tulsi ark is made from 5 types Organic tulsi. Tulsi is know or popular for the world best Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Ageing, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral, Anti-Flue, Anti-inflammatory and Anti- Diseases. The health benefit of Nutriorg Tulsi Ark is more than 200 types includes oral care, relief from respiratory disorder, asthma, lung disorder, and Stress. Nutriorg Tulsi Ark is helpful in building Immunity system Thus may Protect us from Flu, swine Flu, Dengue flu, fever.Helps in controlling blood pressure, Cholesterol, Diabetic, Allergy, Stomach inflammation,Headache and many more. Nutriorg Tulsi Ark Removes impurities of blood and help in increase Immunity System. How to consume Nutriorg Tulsi Ark:- Drink 1 drop of Nutriorg Tulsi Ark in one glass (200ml) Water 3 to 5 times of day for better results. Or add 5drops of tulsi ark in 1 liter Water bottle and consume as you require.
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