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Nivia Dominator Football Shoe Combo ( Football Shoe, Shin Guard, Stockings & Shoe Bag)


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The NIVIA Dominator football stud is the unique and one of its own kind. The NIVIA Dominator football stud is manufactured by special technique, THE DIRECT INJECTION MOLDING TECHNOLOGY which provide superior grip and underfoot grip. The NIVIA DOMINATOR FOOTBALL STUD a single component shoe. The NIVIA Dominator football stud is a full TPU studs which is more flexible from Toe area for better kick and hard from heel area for proper balance and stability. The NIVIA Dominator football stud will retain your foot shape and yields to the ground excellence. The NIVIA Dominator football stud is designed with better quality Inner material and molded socks for proper cushioning, Balance and comfort. This Shin Guard is designed with a flexible shell that gives you complete protection and a contoured fit. Along with safeguarding your shins, this Nivia Speedy Shin Guard also protects your ankles from injuries when you play rough. The backing material is made from soft and durable EVA foam that has a cushioning effect and absorbs shock on impact. Nivia Shoe bag is ideal for carrying shoe and stockings.Separate compartment for shin guard.Ventilated mesh for wet/dry storage.