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Nike Women Casual Deo for Women, Extreme long-lasting 200ml


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A fragrant freshness is a great way to start your day and reach out for the skies. The Casual Deo Spray is a classic fragrance from Nike designed for the light-hearted, happy-go-lucky man and presents a great daily wear to work with your casual wardrobe. Zesty and intense, this assortment of exciting scents fills your senses with a feel-good factor and makes your day sprightly and full of life. The energizing Nike Casual Mass Premium deo spray exudes a raw, masculine sensuality that teases and seduces with its flirtatious appeal and creates a tryst with passionate intensity. With a creative mix of warm and sunny accords, a spray of this Nike deodorant is vivid with a virile charm and classiness that befits every man who is in love with himself and with life. The Nike Casual surrounds your day with a soothing coolness and provides long-lasting freshness and protection against problems like body odour and sweat all round the clock.
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Brand Nike
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