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Nestle NAN A.R Starter Infant Formula Milk Powder For Anti Regurgitation - 380g Tin, 0 - 12 Months


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Nestle Nan Antiregurgitation Starter Infant Formula 380g is specially formulated to help with the nutritional needs of infants suffering from severe regurgitation. Breastmilk provides the best food for your baby and reduces the risk of diarrhoea and illnesses. Features Mother's milk always will remain, in the first months, the most natural and the best food and every mother with a sense of duty must breastfeed her baby if she is in a position to do so... Exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life helps protect newborns and infants from diseases, reduces the risk of mortality and encourages healthy child development. Every mother who can breastfeed, should be encouraged to do so for as long as possible. Nutritional Compass?. Good to remember: Breastmilk is best. The unnecessary introduction of partial bottle-feeding or other foods and drinks should be discouraged as it will have a negative effect on breastfeeding.
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