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Men’s JUTI Online in UAE

Everybody needs a pair of footwear to match the clothing that they wear. Wearing shoes for every occasion is not advisable. Even though the major types of shoes that are available in the market today are formal wear or casual wear or the sportswear, but, there is another type that is not so common yet it is something that was very common in every century other than the 20th century: the traditional wear which consists of the famous Punjabi Jutti or commonly known as Mojari or Khussa Shoes inspired by Indian Royaltyj

The Jutti was traditionally made using leather and with extensive embroidery and has evolved with the changing times with rubber soles for more comfort. They are usually flat sole footwear and are similar in design for both men and women except in case of men, they usually have a sharp edge in the front. These ethnic shoes have rich golden threads & colorful beads while being offered in various colors that can complement the traditional dress chosen by you.

The earliest examples of the Juti footwear worn in the Indian Subcontinentcirculated back to 200 B.C. These shoes can be worn on the various traditional dresses like sherwani, kurta pajama, shalwar kameez and others. These Sherwani shoes are usually used as a traditional wear; however, they can also be used as a casual or party wear when worn with kurta & jeans or sherwani with Nehru jacket & jeans.

At DBsouQ.com, we are offering a wide range of jutis like Punjabi Juttis, Mojaris,  Sherwani shoes for our customers at discounted prices including designer products at price ranges starting from AED 150 to AED 250. Our team of highly trained professionals is always on the lookout for the best of products available and trends in the local and foreign markets so that our customers never run out of options and fashion. Our stocks are refreshed at regular intervals so that our customers are always treated with the best and latest products.

As the products ordered online carries a risk of size not fitting, we offer an amazing return or refund policy if the product delivered does not match the description or if the size does not fit to enable our customers to get the right fit and the right product as per their choice. We accept various modes of payments like Cash on Delivery, Online Payment, Bank Transfer, PayPal, ATM Deposit etc. We are presently accepting orders that are placed on our Whatsapp number but we do not accept any calls made to such number.  

The juti’s are offered in various kinds such as party wear or Rajasthani or jalsa or kali or Punjabi jutis which are offered in various colors such as black, red, gold, blue etc. beaded & threaded, embroidered & embellished in red, green or pink or peach, this beautiful punjabi jutis are available for everyone and all we do is to deliver the same to you at the best of prices.

Choosing the right juti depends on the occasion, thus we need to be careful to pick up the right one and hence we offer a wide variety to provide an opportunity to our customers to check out the various products and choose accordingly.