Mahadrakshadi Syrup 200ml

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  • Jiva Mahadrakshadi Syrup is a versatile tonic with several diversified actions and can be used for several indications. Its main ingredient is black resins which are sweet cool Pitta-Vata reducing and mild purgative in action. At the same time they are very nutritive and rejuvenating. These unique combinations of properties make them extremely useful in various types of diseases. Together with many other ingredients such as Guduchi Amalaki and others Jiva Mahadrakshadi Syrup serves as an effective medicine for numerous ailments of the digestive and respiratory tract as well as blood disorders. While on one hand it ignites the digestive fire and eliminates toxins from the body it also nourishes and strengthens the tissues. Jiva Mahadrakshadi Syrup also helps in purifying the blood and preventing bleeding. Since it is pleasant in taste children have no problem in taking this syrup. Ingredients: Jiva Mahadrakshadi Syrup has Tagar Draksha Lodhra Kutaj Kiratatikta Kutki Amalaki Vasa Guduchi Yashtimadhu. Directions of use: Take 5 to 10 ml of Jiva Mahadrakshadi Syrup twice or thrice daily.
  • WCCC-Mg-V-44