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Men’s Kurta Pajama Online in UAE


kurta is an upper garment for men and women, originating in the Indian subcontinent, with regional variations of form. The word kurta is a borrowing from Hindustani, originally from either Sanskrit kuratu/kurtaka or Persian (literally, "a collarless shirt"). It was first used in English in the 20th century. A kurta worn by females is called a kurti.

Thekurta pajama is the first image that comes to mind when thinking of a typical man in indigenous ethnic wear. While this is worn in many regions of Asia namely India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal, this garment has gained a reputation of being an Indian ethnic garment. By definition, the kurta is a loose flowing cotton tunic that reaches down to the knees while pajama is the drawstring trousers the kurta is worn with. Well, these are offered in various like the kali kurta, Bhopali Kurta, Hyderabadi Kurta, Lucknowi Kurta, Delhi, Assamese, designer kurta pajama. depending on the designs and materials used in various parts of India to suit the history and weather conditions of such locations.

These Kurta’s make you look formal or casual depending on your choice of bottom wear. In case you choose to pair it with a Jeans it would be casual and in case of pajama, it would be more formal.

The festive wear kurta pajama is mostly like the casual kurta except for the fact that the kurta comes in vibrant colors and high sheen fabrics like silk. The pajama in most cases is white and stitched from cotton, however, the silhouette may vary and many younger men prefer the churidar silhouette. The festive wear is often embroidered with floral and foliage designs and could also feature ornate collars and sleeves. In some cases, the kurta may be comparatively shorter and the pajama may be replaced by jeans or straight legged trousers however this trend is more prevalent amongst a younger group of men. These kurtas are worn on various religious and social events such as Diwali, Holi, Eid, Ramadan, Independence Day and many male attendees at an Indian wedding may prefer this garment.

The casualkurta pajama is one of the most commonly worn ethnic ensembles in Many Asian countries. The easy to wear cotton garments are worn by men on an everyday basis. These garments are worn by men while lounging around the house, on casual outings outside the house and even during dates with the friend. The casual kurta pajama pertains to an all white kurta pajama ensemble and this ensemble is also worn during religious rituals and prayers. The white kurta is also worn during funerals. There are also modern contemporary variations of the in which the kurta is often printed, comes in checks and stripes or in vibrant single colors.

If you’re in Dubai or UAE, at DBsouQ.com, we are offering you a wide range of kurtas for your selection including the combination of kurta pajama and designer kurta pajama wear for attractive prices ranging from AED 100 to AED 1,500 for various occasions like weddings, festivals and other casual and traditional events. We accept payments made via PayPal, Online Banking, Bank Transfer and Cash on Delivery. Our return or refund policy allows our customers to make returns within seven days in case of the wrong order or in case the size does not fit.

The kurtas can be paired with various other accessories like the Nehru jacket, pocket square, juti’s and other products which are also available for sale at our website at attractive prices.