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Kudos Nutritions - Mex Mass 460g


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Kudos Nutrition's 'Mex Mass' ideal for both men & women is a part of its 'Weight Gainer Series', it specializes in gaining muscle mass and is perfect for highly active bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. 'Mex Mass' is a new and improved formula which is loaded with branched chain aminoacids and fortified with essential minerals and micronutrients to help generate muscle mass. Each 33g of serving provides the body with 13g of protein, 2.8g of BCAAs, 03g of vitamin & minerals and 2.5g of glutamine precursor. 'Mex Mass' is an advanced protein combo containing premium quality protein blend of whey with the easily digestible carbohydrates along with essential micronutrients and BCAA's providing a balanced nutritional support to maximize the lean muscle growth. It also provides the foundational building blocks to help in growth, recover and improvement in muscular performance.
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