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Krounchbeej Powder 1 kg Pack

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  • Krounchbeej Powder: Ayurvedic Supplements for MenKrounchbeej powder manufactured at Herbal Hills to promote men health in a traditional way. Herbal Hills the most trusted leading and renowned brand in Herbal and Ayurvedic Supplements redefines the Ayurveda with progressive techniques and innovative cultivation techniques. The cultivation process of Ayurvedic supplements takes place in their own pristine and most-suitable environment to justify the purity and efficacy value of the herbs. Moreover after the cultivation process this Pure Krounbeej powder passes through high-progressive technologies to maintain the supreme quality of the Ayurvedic supplements. Additionally these performance enhancing herbs are free from all the chemicals and hazardous substances to maintain the safety bar at 100%. Furthermore these herbs follow the traditional and governmental certification to reach the international market standards.Herbal Kraunchbeej: Supplements for MenThese performance enhancing herbs are specially selected and fairly traded for added purity and efficacy. The pure natural and herbal Krounchbeej powder processed from the seeds of Mucuna pruriens. This herbal Krounchbeej depicts multiple medicinal properties like Anti-oxidant Aphrodisiac Revitalising and Electrolyte balancing. Likewise supplements for men hold a high nutritive value. It contains L-Dopa Alkaloids B-Sitosterol Gallic acid Choline Serotonin etc. to provide various health benefits. Herbal krounchbeej may support strength stamina and vitality. These performance enhancing herbs may also uplift energy vigor and male power. This Krounchbeej powder may help strengthen the immune system and may increase physical stamina. In addition the L-dopa of herbal Krounchbeej may help increase the testosterone level. Therefore it includes one of the supplements for men. Along with supporting the men health this pure and vegan Krounchbeej powder may support the healthy Kidney functions owing to its electrolyte balancing property.The Direction of Use:Take 3 gms powder 1 to 2 times a day or as advised by the physician
  • HERB-MH-A-253