Kalp Argan oil Pure Natural Argan Oil Cold Pressed Oil Anti Aging Anti Oxidant Moisturizer 15 Ml

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  • For A Healthy And Glowing Skin: Apply a little on your skin and massage it just before sleep to find yourself with soft healthy and glowing skin.Argan oil has assorted antioxidants and essential fatty acids and it has immaculate restorative properties.Delays the Onset Of Premature Ageing: While Vitamin E in Argan oil thwarts free radical damages the saponins enhance the moisture level ensuring that the skin doesnt lose its firmness elasticity and radiance.Nourishes Sensitive Skin: Dab a little on skin and massage it gently every night before sleep to nourish and moisture the skin.And Argan oil is best choice for Sensitive skin which needs a very intense cleansing and moisturizing.Argan oil cab use infused cleanser in bath regimen .Prevents Acne: Argan Oil has many anti oxidant and rich with vitamin E and it has anti inflammatory agent .it works best in acneFor Deep Conditioning The Hair: Just apply a few drops on washed hair and comb your hair.Leave it as long as you want for deep conditioning.Wash the excess oil with a mild shampoo for soft radiant tresses.Repeat this twice a week for best results.