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Infringement Policy

Infringement Policy

dbsouq constantly works towards removing the infringing items from the Website. To make this possible, dbsouq has integrated an Infringement Verification Process so that the good property owners can conveniently report the listings that violate their rights. It is the responsibility of dbsouq.com to make sure that all the infringing products are deleted from the Website immediately as it comes to their notice.


dbsouq respect the Intellectual Property Rights of the third party and keenly support its protection including the Trademarks, Logos and Copyrights. dbsouq has a policy to quickly respond to any such notices of IP infringement. Once a proper IP infringement notice is received to us, we will quickly respond to it by deleting or removing access to the product which is claimed to be the infringing item.

How to report a listing

If you strongly believe that your IP right has been violated by any of our Vendors, then you may complaint about the same by following the process given below: The Intellectual Property right owner need to mention the below details and email us at infringement@dbsouq.com

1. Identification of the product that has been infringed.
2. Product code and URL where the infringed product is located on the website.
3. Your Telephone Number, email and postal address
4. A written statement from you that the information provided in your notice is correct and you are the intellectual property owner or have been authorized to act on the behalf of the intellectual property owner.
5. In case of the Trademark infringement, brand name is required.
6. Complete Information about the intellectual property that is being infringed along with the strong proof.