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Get Premium Quality Himalaya Baby Care Products at DBSouQ

Are you looking forward to pamper your baby with premium quality Himalaya baby care products? Then DBSouQ would certainly be your ideal destination. Dbsouq offers various categories Himalaya baby care products so as to make sure that you get almost anything that you need for your baby. The wide range of Himalaya baby care products available at DBSouQ is what makes it the most preferred choice for the mothers when it comes to taking care of their babies. Himalaya baby care products being made up of natural ingredients makes sure that it perfectly suits the delicate skin of the babies. The range of Himalaya baby care products available online at DBSouQ are as listed below.

Himalaya Baby Powder

Himalaya baby powder is just the perfect solution for eliminating the dryness from the skin of babies. In addition to this, the powder helps in keeping the skin cool and comfortable hence preferred by almost all mothers. The powder contains herbal actives and is completely free from phthalates, parabens and any kinds of synthetic colours. This necessarily eliminates the risk of applying on the skin of the babies. Moreover, the Himalaya baby powder contains almond oil, olive oil, natural zinc and khus-khus which makes the powder ideally suited for the intended purpose of use.

Himalaya Baby Soap

Soaps from Himalaya are available at Dbsouq at discounted prices which is highly beneficial for the mothers. Himalaya baby soap is effectively formulated for the purpose of cleansing and conditioning the skin of the babies. The soap extremely helpful in leaving the skin hydrated and soft along with providing proper nourishment to the skin cells. The soaps also play a vital role in moisturising the skin making sure that the texture of the skin is improved. The types of Himalaya baby soaps are categorised into the following as per the function they perform.

  • Refreshing baby soap

  • Gentle baby soap

  • Nourishing baby soap

  • Extra moisturizing baby soap

Himalaya Baby Oil

A regular massage with the Himalaya baby oil is just perfect for the improvement of the growth as well as development of the baby. The product is infused with winter cherry and olive oil which is clinically proven to be mild to be used on the babies. Most important the Himalaya baby oil is very light and non staining making it suitable for using it before bath as well as after bath. The oil is vegetable based and completely free from lanolin & mineral oil hence suitable for the skin of the babies.

Himalaya Baby Shampoo

The baby shampoo is very gentle and extremely mild thereby the mothers are not at all hesitant to use the same on their babies. The greatest benefit of using the Himalaya baby shampoo is that it comes with a “no tears” formula and hence creates no problems for the babies even if the shampoo enters the eyes. The shampoo is great for softening, nourishing and improving the lustre of the hair of the babies. After the application of the Himalaya baby shampoo, the hair is left soft and fresh.

Himalaya Baby Cream

Himalaya baby cream is specially formulated for providing adequate protection of the chapped cheeks, tender nose, crawler’s knee and rubbed elbows of the babies. The Himalaya baby cream is an extremely preferable choice since it offers sufficient protection from windburn and irritating wetness.  Most importantly, the key ingredients used for the formulation of the Himalaya baby cream not only moisturises the skin of the babies but also help in the preservation of the natural softness of the skin. The cream works great on dry and scaly skin of the babies.

Himalaya Baby Lotion

The Himalaya baby lotion is quite helpful in keeping the skin of the babies soft and supple thereby providing an effective protection from infection. The Himalaya baby lotion is composed of all natural ingredients that help in the perfect moisturising of the delicate skin of the babies leaving it soft for the whole day. The lotion being mild and gentle can be used on the babies’ skin without any kinds of hesitation.

So, at the time of searching for the Himalaya baby care products in Dubai, UAE, look no further and come to Dbsouq to get all what you want for your babies.