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                                                                                                      Cold and Cough Medicines

According to various historic and ancient texts, Ayurveda has been in existence for over 1,000 years and is an ancient method or system of natural healing which uses ingredients that are sourced naturally. Ayurveda has been considered as an alternative to English and Western medicine. With the advent of increase in the pollution around the world due to increased urbanization & industrialization, the chances of a person being contaminated with any disease are very high and the number of instances of people being sick is ever increasing.

As we move around our city to get to work or school or college, there is always a chance of getting sick with the unpredictability of weather or pollution and the most common diseases are catching a cold or getting a cough. So, today we at DBSouQ.com are offering our customers a chance to purchase naturally sourced ayurvedic cold and cough medicines. A cough is quite a common ailment, which usually happens with the cold. The use of such medicines is increasing on a day to day basis in the current generation due to minimalistic or no side effects from the usage products when consumed within a limit and as per prescriptions & guidance of doctors or physicians. The effectiveness of these therapies has not been widely studied in clinical trials by practitioners of Western medicine. Therefore, some doctors and other health care professionals consider Ayurveda a risky adjunct to conventional medicine.

While there are many forms of cold or a cough, ayurvedic medicines are known to have healing properties that are way better than the western medicines as such western medicines work as a short-term problem solver and not as a long-term recovery agent in case the problem is a continuing affair. The various products that are used in the preparation of such ayurvedic medicines are Honey, Tulsi, Ashwagandha, Garlic, and other products which are known to have healing properties. An Ayurvedic treatment for a cough can be really useful by breaking the chain of pathogenesis that leads to coughing. The various brand products currently on offer on our website are Zenith Nutrition, Healthvit, Herbal Bliss, Natures Velvet, and others.

We are offering our customers the easiest way of purchasing natural and authentic Ayurvedic cough medicines in UAE from various brands which offer their products in the form of capsules, syrup, and powders. We are always focused and determined to provide the best customer services in the world and hence our team at DBSouQ.com is always on the lookout for the best of products for our customers. Our payment policy allows our customer to make payment using various modes such as ATM Deposit, Cash on Delivery, Bank Transfer, PayPal and Debit/ Credit cards subject to certain conditions and availability of the Seller. Our Return and refund policy allow our clients and customers to make such returns in case the products delivered are not as per specification or size of the products. Please refer to our refund policy or terms & conditions as provided at our website for further details.