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Skin care is one the most important aspect which is most commonly missed out aspect a person fails to take care of unless there’s a party or a wedding in the coming days. Take care of your skin is a tedious task as it requires a lot of patience and choosing the correct product and in this current world there is no time for makeup to be applied on a daily basis. Skin as we all know is the body’s largest organ and one of the most important, as it protects us from microbes and also helps regulate body temperature. In simple terms you can say that if Beauty is the Picture, Skin is the Canvas.  

There are various skin types like Oily skin, Dry skin and Normal skin which are normally identifiable amongst people. To take care of such needs, we need to apply various products as no one product is sufficient in this pollution filled world. Skin care is not only required for women but also for men too. Taking care of your entire body, including your feet is very important to look well groomed. Though most of us do take care of our face and body, our Feets are mostly ignored.

In order to find the best products to be applied for our body, we at DBSouQ.com are always looking out for our customer needs and so we offer only the best products. Ayurveda is a system of healing unlike any other, offering a unique approach to health care in the form of self-discovery with its roots in ancient India and south east Asia.

The most important aspect in skin care is the use of various products like Sandalwood oil, rose essence, saffron, green tea, aloe vera, avocado and such other products which are essentially missing in various creams and soaps which we use daily. But the same products are the base ingredients in ayurvedic products. As we at DBSouQ.com, sell ayurvedic products, while our products ranges starts at AED 60 to AED 300 which are varying from creams, face washes, oils, cleansers etc from various brands such as Tree Hut, Tvam, Yashasvi, Vedantika, Sunsrise etc. These products are 100% natural unlike similar products offered by various big companies which are made in labs using artificial elements due to which the side effects are minimal and sometimes nil. The products needs to be applied on a daily basis twice.

Most of our sunscreen products use Liquorice which has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-microbial, and anti-carcinogenic properties. The main component of licorice is glabridin which has been shown to prevent UVB-induced pigmentation. In case you are are in and around water, try applying the same once every two hours.

Our products are currently being offered to various customers at a discount while our service is currently limited only in UAE. We accept various modes of payments such as Credit and Debit Cards, Online Banking, Cash on Delivery and Paypal while also accepting order on Whatsapp. We have an amazing return and / or refund policy in case the product delivered does not match the description of the product ordered. Do check out our other product range that are offered to our customers at our website.