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Hair care is one of the most important beauty aspects in a person’s life because once you start losing the hair you cannot bring it back especially in today’s world where chronic stress is a part of life which no one can be fully cured of. It is one of the most delicate parts of our body and most of the product available in the market are either fake or mixed with various chemicals which are really harmful to our body. In recent times, people have started to use various herbal hair care products as it’s completely natural and does not use any chemicals. The side effects from the use of ayurvedic products known are either nil or minimal.

According to Ayurveda, the hair is a byproduct of the bone tissue, as are the nails and teeth, making all of these tissues intimately connected. The hair is also linked to the nervous system and the gut, so if the health of any of these tissues deteriorates, the hair is likely to be affected. Similarly, if the quality of nutrition available to the deep tissues of the body is compromised, the hair will undoubtedly be impacted. This is where Ayurveda’s whole-body approach can be infinitely more effective than superficial hair treatments alone.

Ayurveda is essentially Feminine in its essence. It is an extension of the Primal Goddess. She nurtures, self-rejuvenates, self-heals: and gives creative form and shape to omnipresent Prana, or Life-Giving Energy. The Tridosha principle of Ayurveda represents the basic character of Nature’s elements. Broadly speaking, Vata (Air/Space or Ether) is for movement, Pitta (Fire/Water) is for transformation; and Kapha (Earth/Water) is for consolidation and structuring.

Ayurvedic products uses various items such as aloe vera, bhringraj powder, tea tree oil, neem seed oil, fenugreek, almonds, moringa, castor oil and many other natural herbal products that help in treating our hair from the scalp, prevents or defers greying and also acts as dandruff fighting agent while conditioning our hair.

At DBSouQ.com, we sell various herbal products for hair care in the form of tablets or capsules, powders, essential oils and cream from various brands such as Nutra Vigour, Best Source, True, Now, Infile etc. The bhringraj powder is to be consumed with water and capsules too and in case of tree tea oils, the same shall be mixed with regular coconut or any other hair oil and be applied directly on the scalp and it should properly be massaged too. The oil should be washed with mild shampoo which would help in retaining the essence of the oil thus helping you in getting a voluminous, silk and shiny hair. These oils are predominately used because nutritive treatments applied to the hair and scalp are carried through both physical and energetic channels to penetrate well beyond the surface. In fact, the oils so commonly used in Ayurvedic hair care, act as a potent vehicle for carrying herbal influences deep into the body and the mind.

We at DBSouQ.com are currently offering herbal hair care products for our customers in UAE offering at discount with prices starting from AED 100 to AED 900. Our Payment option includes Debit and Credit Card option, Online Banking, Cash on Delivery PayPal and ATM Deposit. You can also place your orders on Whatsapp too. Our refund and return policy allow our customers to get a return if the product is not as described or if the product size does not fit. For more details on our return policy do visit our website.