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Heilen Biopharm Natural Food Grade Aloe Vera Powder for Face and Hair Care (200 gm/7 oz/0. 44 lb)


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Aloe vera rejuvenates the skin, hydrates it, and keeps your skin looking fresh all the time. Aloe Vera is also works as moisturizer for skin. Aloe vera is known to reduce pain and skin redness. It is used on sun burns, insect bites, cuts and wounds. It has antimicrobial properties, making it ideal to combat acne and pimples. It is a great naturally occurring antioxidant that reverses the oxidative damage experienced by the skin. This will reduce dullness and give your skin a natural glow. It removes dead skin cells and facilitates the rebuilding of fresh and new cells. It is a de-pigmentation agent, which means that it can effectively lighten dark spots, hyper-pigmentation, and other skin blemishes. For all women with dry patchy problem skin, heres your solution to get rid of such skin type. The goodness of a natural aloe vera plant with its juicy and scrumptious benefits, offer a plethora of benefits that involves rejuvenation and complete hydration of skin. It further aids in moisturizing and refreshing your skin by opening the clogged pores. This Aloe Vera Powder can be used with various other natural powder to get other benefits.
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