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DeNovo Ultimate Protection Football Kit(Multicolor)


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DeNovo Ultra Protective Football Kit contains One Pair of Knee Length Football Socks – to give comfort to your feet, One Pair of Shin Guard – to protect your shin from opponent kicks and One Pair of Sun Protective Arm Sleeves – to protect your arms from harmful UV rays of sunlight. DeNovo Lycra Striped Knee Length Football Socks for MEN & WOMEN are made from very high quality Lycra for comfortable fit. DeNovo Shin Guard protects the most susceptible part of your leg from uncontrolled kicks by opponents. The guard is of large size and has a hard shell that ensures that all kinds of impact and shock are absorbed. Back of guard has soft foam making the guard feel very soft and comfortable on leg. Guard has two straps to keep in position during play, straps has velcro closure. DeNovo HiCool UV Sun Protection Arm Sleeves are an innovative new way to keep your arms safe from the harmful UV rays of the sun. In addition to the excellent sun UV rays protection factor, these Sun Protective Sleeves help keep your arms cool and refreshed. It is a high quality product that is different from compression arm sleeves, in that they are so light and extremely comfortable to wear, it will feel like a second layer of skin, not limiting or restricting in any way. Unlike the conventional idea of putting on a layer to keep warm, putting on these sleeves will keep your arms at least 2 degrees cooler. These arm sleeves are made of high quality fabric, and has properties of fast sweat kick away and fast dry. Try these sleeves today and keep your arms safe and cool.
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Brand N/A
Set Content 1 Kit
Product Color Multicolor
Material N/A
Color Multicolor
Size N/A
Product-code 322