Cofsils Lozenges Regular 1 Stripe

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  • Cofsils Lozenges contains Amylmetacresol and Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol as main active ingredients. Key benefits/uses of Cofsils Lozenges: Role of active ingredients: - Amylmetacresol: Antiseptic used in the treatment of infections of the mouth and throat such as throat infection throat discomfort mouth infection and other related problems - Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol: Used as a mild antiseptic able to kill bacteria and viruses associated with mouth and throat infections Directions for use/Dosage: - Take one lozenge every three hours or as directed by the physician Indication: - Sore throat cough and cold Storage condition: - Store in cool and dry place Safety information: - Do not exceed the recommended dose - Read the label carefully before use - Keep out of the reach and sight of children
  • WCCC-Mg-V-23