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Ceela-Storm English Willow Harrow


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Brand - Ceela Sports Made in India Grade - Made From English Willow Grade C Content- Cover with Foam Padded Bat Cover with shoulder strap With Toe Protection Given Profile - Mid Profile with a full spine and minimal concaving which ensures maximum edge thickness and side profiling for destructive precision. Face - Flat Face with slight curvature which provides a more even distribution across the Face of the Bat for accurate shot making. Handle - Singapore Cane Handle made out of 9 piece cane and rubber which delivers optimal combination of power, control and flexibility. Bow - Slight bow which generates perfectly balanced pick up to deliver increased power. Toe - Slightly square which is designed to increase the hitting surFace area whilst lowering the centre of gravity of the Bat which promotes greater swing weight and power distribution. Edge - Thick Edge For Powerful Shot Making Grip - Unique Shock-Absorbent Scale Grip Weight Range 2lb 7oz
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