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What to Wear in Dubai - Best Tips for Men and Women

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Anil Panghal

Monday, July 29, 2019 6:49:11 PM Asia/Dubai

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You might be visiting Dubai for the first time and which is exactly why you are confused about how to dress in Dubai. You already know that UAE is an Islamic country but Dubai is surprisingly quite modern. The locals of the region dress up modestly. Also, you need to consider the temperature which is just too hot particularly in the summer season. Thus, you need to consider the time of the visit to Dubai as well at the time when you are thinking about the dress to wear in Dubai.

Dubai being a city in the Islamic country of UAE, the local culture is Islamic but a major portion of the population consists of the expats, a number of whom are from the West. The traditional clothing of Dubai is modest, beautiful as well as classic and at the same time, the modern versions of these dresses can be of quite high fashion. So, at any point of time, you are planning to visit Dubai, it would be better to keep in mind that dressing in a respectful manner to show regard for the sanctity of the local culture. 

Wearing Traditional Dresses – Yes or No

Dubai is quite a modern city, highly fashionable and a cosmopolitan where the majority of the population are expats from all around the world. One of the pillars of the society is tolerance and hence it is not mandatory to wear traditional dresses in Dubai.

traditional wearing tips

Additionally, the women do not have to cover their heads with the help of scarf as well. Dubai women's clothing consists of the black robe known as abaya whereas the Dubai men’s clothing consists of a white robe called the Kandura. The locals wear these dresses with their own wish and pride but they are not forced to do so.

Some of the locals wear these traditional dresses at all the time and others wear it at times.  There is no specific dress code in Dubai for tourists as such but it is recommended not to expose the skin too much or wear anything that is not appropriate as per the place you are in. If tourists like to wear local dresses, they are allowed to do so. 

Dressing in Dubai

Dubai dress code whether it is going to work, or spending just casual weekends, or going out at night, the people are usually well turned out. They are elegant edgy smart, nerdy, or whatever their style is. Just like in any other city, the people feel relaxed and is comfortable in their dressing but the majority of the people of Dubai make sure that they look good when they leave their home. 

How Much Skin to Expose?

This is one of the major questions that arise regarding Dubai women's dress code. It is quite a common question that what is the amount of skin that can be exposed while in Dubai. At the time when you are in Dubai, the amount to the skin to expose completely depends on the fact where you are dressing for.

If you are planning to visit the malls, cinemas, mosques or other places where there will be a number of locals exposing minimum skin is recommended. It should not happen that the dresses you wear are not appropriate for the locations.

On the other hand, if you are going to a nightclub, beach party or other places where there is a mix of locals as well as tourists, you can dress in a way so that it is not too offensive to the local culture.

Few Dressing Tips for Women in Dubai

dubai women's clothing

Coming to the dressing code in Dubai for the women, here are a few important tips.

  1. Showing too much cleavage is something that is frowned upon in Dubai so it is better to avoid plunging necklines

  2. Wearing booty shorts, thigh-grazing shorts, mini skirts and hot shorts that barely cover the bum are not at all a good choice in Dubai even for tourists unless those are worn on the beaches

  3. Dresses, as well as sheer tops where some part or the whole of the lingerie is visible, is considered to be inappropriate

  4. Wearing transparent leggings along with short tops is a strict no which makes your underwear visible but you can wear them with long tops and other similar dresses that cover the bum

  5. It is ideal to avoid super low waist jeans that bare the bum particularly when you sit

  6. Crop tops as Dubai outfits are fine when worn with high waisted bottoms and make sure not to bare your midriff unless you are at the beaches or the nightclubs

  7. Simply leave your Brazilian bikini thongs at home or wear them strictly at the beaches or the hotel pools only

Talking about the dress code in Dubai, it is perfectly fine to wear short-sleeved tops and dresses or the sleeveless ones. It is also fine to wear fitted clothes. The dresses that are of knee-length and the shorts that are a bit above the knee are allowed to wear, except in some of the specific places where there might be a dress code for covering the knees as well as the shoulders. The same goes for the off-the-shoulder tops that are the recent trend. 

Few Dress Wearing Tips for Men in Dubai

men dress code in dubai for tourists

Now, when talking about the dressing code in Dubai for the men, here are a few important tips to keep in mind.

  1. The men can necessarily wear the traditional dresses if they wish to at almost all places but there is no mandate as such.

  2. Vests and shorts can be worn but it is to be kept in mind that the short shorts are to be kept for only the beaches. 

  3. Shorts can be worn along with smart collared shirts or other shirts as well as t-shirts for other places but make sure that you do not look sloppy.

  4. There are a number of bars, clubs, and restaurants that have a dressing policy for men where no shorts or sneakers are allowed. You need to be careful about the same. 

  5. Then men can also go for formals or smart casuals at any places. 

So, when you have this Dubai dressing guide with you, you need not worry about how to dress in Dubai.