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What to wear for a poolside engagement party?

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khaleel ahamad

Monday, June 11, 2018 6:40:16 PM Asia/Dubai

One of the best things about owning a swimming pool is that you have the freedom to impromptu or in an elaborate way bring together family and friends. With the summer in full swing, it really wouldn’t be a bad idea to host a poolside party where everyone can chill by the pool, enjoy good music, food, decorations, or laze in the pool itself. There are so many things that you can do; all you need is proper planning and arrangements so that you can make the event a success.

Inculcating the contemporary with the traditional

The idea of a poolside event sounds really exciting and usually has a playful ambiance with leisure vibes. In terms of special events like engagements, many are opting for a cozy party within a closed circle, in contrast to more formal ceremonies that focus mostly on the show and less on self-comfort.

If you have been invited to a traditionally themed upscale poolside party or are hosting one, you should think of a theme where the guests won’t overdo, nor would they under do. Some of the ideas that you can put to use are:

    Choosing the right tone or color: Playing around with aqua shades like sea green, white, blue will not only make you stand out but also match the details of the event. If you are a bride to be, you can always choose a designer Anarkali dress with light embroidery work that will work on your silhouette on your special day. With the dazzling smile and enchanting dress, you will feel like a princess.

Designer-Anarkali-Dress -DBSOUQ

    The makeup: Since you would like to follow the traditions of marriage, you need to ensure as a bride that all eyes are on you. For a poolside event, you can opt for a light pinkish look and dramatize your eyes with shades of the sea to complement the overall ambiance. Opting for soft makeup will let you focus on other elements as well and you’ll be comfortable throughout the party.
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    Trying new trends: If you are the Boho chic, then you should definitely try bohemian styling as this will bring out the freedom of soul and give the party an offbeat theme. Earthy tones will also keep in tune with the dress code and Indian ceremony. On top of that, a special detail like a flared sleeve, or chunky neckpiece will work wonders. With a glass of champagne, exchange the rings and enjoy the party in full swing.


    Theme flowers: If you are the host, then you need to ensure that the place is well decorated, especially if the party is pool themed. If the function is on a lovely spring or summer morning, flowers are often overlooked as the suitable theme. Making arrangements like floral tiaras for the ladies, and garlands for the men, a canopy of fresh orchids, showering rose petals on the couple as they exchange their rings can really elevate the mood.


    Keeping it people friendly: Since an engagement party is someplace where both friends and family of all age group would be present, you need to ensure as a host that everyone enjoys themselves. Right from the choice of food, activities, and leisure, an elder person should be at ease and have as much fun as a five-year-old.

Take care of the basics

There are so many things you need to take care of when organizing or being a part of a pool party. There should be plenty of room for guests to move around. Keep provision where the guests can throw plastics and other degradable items in the bins and not in the pool. The depth of the pool should be measured for the safety of guests and there should be provision for umbrella and shades so that people can also relax at the same time. There should also be sufficient pool furniture so that the guests can place their food and drinks.

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An engagement being a special day needs to be carefully planned and putting some extra effort will make the day more beautiful and memorable. So dress, decorate and celebrate in style.