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Must have wardrobe essentials for fashion loving women in 2018

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khaleel ahamad

Saturday, May 5, 2018 2:45:11 PM Asia/Dubai

Every lady at some point in their lives has fretted at least once standing in front of their wardrobes, complaining that they have nothing to wear. This complaint might seem like a tantrum when you are hurriedly getting ready for office, but at other times when you have a wedding to attend or a party to go to this becomes the most pressing problem in your life.

One of the advantages as well as disadvantage that ladies have to face is that they have too many alternatives to choose from. While it is true that there is no dearth of clothes, it is also true that at times women are spoilt for choice and does not know what to wear. At times women just go on a buying spree and buy whatever they see. Most of the times, these clothes don’t see the light of the day and gets dumped to be rejected.

It is true that trends are set and they change with time. But what stays with you is your unique style. Also, there are some clothes that never go out of fashion. They are those classic pieces that you can team up with anything at any time. They are those pieces that will never make you feel that you have nothing to wear. They are the absolute necessities that you must have in your wardrobe.

Here are some must-have wardrobe essentials that will never make you go wrong with your look:

1. Multicolor Print scarf: A scarf can do wonders with a deep neck tops or a dress. To top it if it is a multicolor printed scarf then you will own the look like a perfect fashionista.

Multicolor print scarf

2. Black blazer: A black blazer is a must-have for all ladies, especially those who go to the office. Whether it a formal meeting or a client-visit, a black blazer will make you look the best.

Black Blazer

3. Striped t-shirt: If you talk about erudition teamed with a casual look, then the striped shirt is all that you would want. From weekend brunch to teaming it with your blazer for a meeting, this classic piece can really do wonders.

Striped t-shirt

4. Saree: It is said that saree is the best outfit for women. This is hundred percent true, as a saree looks good in every kind of figure—the skinny and the plump.

Designer Saree

5. Little black dress: Every woman’s wardrobe should have one little black dress at least. Whichever, style suits you—whether the wrap style or the mid-section, you must have one.

Little black dress

6. Black opaque tights: These leggings can be teamed with a coat during winter and the look will set you up on fire.

Black opaque tights

7. Trench coat: if it is winter and you want to cuddle in something warm, a classic trench coat is one piece of clothing that is best for your style. It is both lightweight and waterproof.

Trench coat

8. Oversized watch: Irrespective of whether you are dawning an ethnic look or a western look, an oversized watch will give you a smart look and also help you to keep a tab on time.

Oversized watch

9. Nude pumps: If you are a high heels person, then having a pair of nude pumps is a must for you. Whether a party or meeting in the office, these can be teamed with a lot of outfits.

Nude pumps

10. Flared jeans: This classic 1970s look is back with a bang. Teaming them up with fitting pullovers can give you a complete look.

Flared jeans

11. White sneakers: White sneaker is casual and trendy, team it up with shorts or jeans and you are ready for a casual outing.

White sneakers

12. Pencil Skirt: This once again is a classic. It can be worn at any age and you can also play with its length.

Pencil Skirt

13. White shirt: Earlier white shirts were only meant for formal meetings. But those days are long gone. Team then with jeans or casual pants and you can get a diva look.

White shirt

14. Solid colored totes: Whether a formal meeting or a casual dining, having a solid colored tote is not only fashionable but also has a utilitarian function.

Solid colored totes

15. Cocktail clutch: It is true that you can only carry some cash, keys and your mobile phone in these clutches, but they set the ultimate style statement, especially with dresses.

Cocktail clutch

16. Printed palazzo: These are the new age pants that are not only stylish but extremely comfortable and look good on any sized women. Team it with a spaghetti top and you have the perfect look.

Printed palazzo

17. Maxi dress: This has entered the fashion world pretty recently. What makes them so popular is their comfort and ability to be worn by ladies of any size and age. They are mainly worn in summer.

Maxi dress

18. Statement necklace: Your collection of statement jewelry is what defines you, but having a golden neckpiece is something that you can go on wearing the rest of your life and it will never make any of your outfits look bad and messy.


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