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Vanity Kit Essentials Every Woman Needs

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Anil Panghal

Friday, May 24, 2019 3:41:10 AM Asia/Dubai

vanity kit essentials

A vanity kit is a bridal makeup kit that every woman needs by her side on the day of her wedding. It contains a slew of makeup products that are essential for bridal makeup. As one can imagine, creating a bridal makeup name list of products to include in the vanity kit can be quiet a daunting task. As missing out on an essential makeup item can cause panic in the last minute.

Listed below vanity kit essentials that every woman needs for the ultimate wedding look

1. Primer

Primer is usually the first makeup product that one should apply after the moisturizer. It is a multi-purpose makeup item that provides a proper base for other items like concealer and foundation. Primer also absorbs excess oil from the skin’s surface and removes greasiness. Lastly, primer helps your makeup last for a long period of time. Adding a primer to the list of makeup items for the bride will be a wise choice.

2. Concealer

From spot correction to reducing dark circles, there are plenty of ways in which a concealer can help you slay your makeup look. This is an essential makeup item for brides and anyone who applies makeup on a regular basis. With a concealer, you can cover up skin defects and give your skin a radiant finish. Get a versatile concealer for your vanity kit and flaunt flawless makeup.

3. Foundation

Foundation is a staple makeup product that everyone is rightly obsessed with. It is an absolute necessity that you should be included in the list of makeup items for the bride. Foundation is available in liquid and powder form. It provides full coverage to the skin, makes the skin tone even, and most importantly, accentuates the facial features.

4. Beauty Blender

Instead of including makeup brushes to the bridal makeup kit list, you should give that spot to the beauty blender. Using a beauty blender for applying makeup can help you achieve a streak-free finish on your skin. When compared to a makeup brush, not only does the beauty blender give better results but is also gentle on the skin and easy to clean.

5. Lip Liner

A lip liner is a valuable makeup product that undoubtedly should be added to the bridal makeup name list. It is applied prior to applying lipstick as the primary purpose of a lip liner is to make the color last longer and also prevent it from bleeding out. Add a lip liner to the bridal makeup kit list and help your lipstick color look its best for a long span of time.

6. Red Lipstick

The classic red lipstick is a must-include product in the bridal makeup kit list. The trend of wearing red lipstick on the D-day has been around for ages. It adds glamour to the overall look. Moreover, red lipstick looks incredible with ethnic outfits and can make any woman look gorgeous on her special day.

7. Eyebrow Gel

An eyebrow gel is a makeup item that is absolutely necessary to include in the bridal makeup kit list. It can groom your eyebrows and make them appear fuller. It is best to invest in an eyebrow gel that is water-resistant and long-lasting. Apply the gel in the direction of in which your eyebrow grows to get immaculate arches that take your beauty game to new levels.

8. Eyeliner

Throughout years, despite the changing trends in the makeup industry, an eyeliner still continues to be a crowd favorite. It is drawn above and below eyelashes to accentuate the shape of the eyes. Whether you prefer subtle or bold makeup, eyeliner is a must-include makeup item for bridal makeup kit.

9. Mascara

No bridal makeup product list is complete without mascara. It volumizes and lengthens eyelashes and draw all attention to the eyes. Pick a water-resistant mascara that makes your lashes look incredible without smudging. Whether you want to keep your makeup subtle or dramatic, mascara is a must-use makeup item for brides.

10. Blush

Blush adds a pop of color to your face and gives the finishing look to your makeup. With a blush, you can instantly up your glam quotient and make your face look lovely and fresh. It comes in various color hues, pick all-time favorite ones like pink or peach blush to add to the list of makeup items for the bride to be.

11. Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow palette comes in color variations. It is an essential makeup product for doing eye makeup as it can single-handedly brighten up your face and draw the attention to your eyes. Any bride-to-be can just incorporate an eyeshadow palette to the bridal makeup product list to up your makeup game.

12. BB/CC Cream

BB/CC cream is a makeup multitasker that can brighten up your skin’s complexion, help it stay moisturized and provide protection from the harsh sun rays. It comes with a sun protection factor (SPF) and is an easy to apply makeup product. Instead of applying layers of concealer and foundation, you can just apply BB/CC cream to give your skin a bright complexion and reduce the prominence of scars and dark spots.

13. Hair Spray

Including a hair spray in your bridal makeup product list can prove to be extremely beneficial. A good hair spray will keep your intricate hairstyle intact on the special occasion. Pick a hair spray that gives a super fine finish and long-lasting hold and shine to your precious tresses. While making a list of makeup items for the bride to be, it is imperative to include a hair spray to make sure your hairstyle looks it's absolute best at all times during the festivities.

14. Makeup Setting Spray

The revolutionary makeup setting spray is all the rage these days. This makeup product is sprayed on the face after applying makeup to not just give the finishing look but to also increase the longevity of the makeup. It is a must-include in the bridal makeup kit list. Spending money on a makeup setting spray from a renowned brand is an investment well made.

15. Makeup Remover

It goes without saying that no bridal makeup name list can ever be complete with a makeup remover. In order to remove stubborn makeup products like eyeliner, foundation, mascara, etc., you would need an expert-approved product like a makeup remover. It removes makeup from the surface and also from the skin pores and makes sure that you sleep with clean skin.