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What is the traditional clothing for men and women in UAE

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Anil Panghal

Tuesday, August 6, 2019 4:51:16 AM Asia/Dubai

traditional cloths in uae

The traditional clothes of the UAE are an important part of the culture. The design of traditional clothes adheres to religious beliefs and are a huge part of the nation’s identity. The style of Arabic traditional dress for both men and women is equal part comfortable and elegant. These attires prioritize modesty and showcase the charm of the local culture in the UAE. 

Dubai is a major tourist hub visited by people all around the globe. It is home to rich Arab culture and clothing is an important aspect of that culture. The traditional clothing items worn by men and women in the country are popular all over the world for its elegance. Here we’ve curated a list of traditional clothing for UAE men and women. 

UAE National Dress for Men


The UAE traditional dress for men is dishdasha that is popularly referred to many names like Kandora and thawb. It is an Arabic traditional dress worn by men in the UAE and also in many other parts of the world like Yemen, Afghanistan, and Ethiopia. Featuring long sleeves, the dishdasha resembles a robe.

The color of this ankle-length attire may vary depending on the season. During the Summer season, men wear the white-colored dishdasha that is made with light fabric suitable for the hot season. While the dishdasha worn during the winter months is dark in color and made with heavy fabric to stay warm and comfortable on chilly days. 


Ghutra is a traditional Arab headdress worn by men in the UAE. It has been around for ages and is widely worn in various Arab countries. It is a square piece of clothing that is made of lightweight cotton. A lot of men prefer wearing the classic white-colored ghutra.

However, the trend of checkered ghutra featuring red and white is on a rise. Not only is it a traditional piece of clothing, but it also makes a powerful fashion statement. The ghutra is equal parts, cultural and functional. It safeguards the head from dust and scorching heat during the summer season.  

UAE National Dress for Women 


Traditionally, women all over the UAE wear Abaya. It is the national dress for females in the nation. This cloak-like garment features long sleeves and is usually black in color. An abaya exudes elegance and is comfortable to wear. It comes in various styles, while plain abayas are best suited for everyday wear, embroidered abayas are usually worn for festive occasions.

It is a loose-fitted outfit that goes all the way to the ankle. The style of abayas has evolved over time. Nowadays, you can find abayas with contemporary style that come with features like high necks. The abaya is a major part of the nation’s heritage and makes women look elegant and sophisticated. 


A burqa is a traditional outerwear that is worn by Muslim women in different parts of the world including the UAE. While in the UAE, it is referred to as a burqa, in other countries like Afghanistan it is known as a chadaree. It covers the body from head to toe and in many Muslim societies, it is a must for a woman to wear a burqa before going in public.

This flowing garment holds a great deal of religious and cultural significance in the UAE and other countries. It covers the entire face except for the eyes and is made with varied types of fabrics. A traditional burqa is black colored however, it is not uncommon for women to wear colored burqas. 


In the UAE and other parts of the world, Muslim women cover their head and chest with a veil that is referred to as hijab. Wearing a hijab is a popular way to embrace modesty and honor religious beliefs. It is a head wrap that comes in a wide array of style and color.

This rectangular scarf can be made with light or thick fabric. Casual wear hijabs are often plain in design, while the fancy ones boast beautiful embroidery and pattern. A hijab can be paired with different types of outfits. A lot of tourists wear a hijab while visiting the UAE to embrace the local culture.  


It is another traditional piece of clothing worn by the women in the UAE. It is a thin veil that covers the entire face. This clothing item can be worn with a variety of outfits like abaya and salwar kameez. A Gishwa can either be used as an everyday clothing item or you can wear it on special occasions. 

Some of the clothes feature exquisite embroidery and handwork and made with luxurious fabric like pure silk and satin. Emirates dress for men and women showcase religious respect. These are beautiful garments that have been around for centuries.