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7 Makeup Tips For Sensitive Skin

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Anil Panghal

Friday, September 20, 2019 1:09:38 PM Asia/Dubai

sensitive skin

The endless trials and tribulations associated with sensitive skin type are extremely difficult to deal with. This particular skin type is susceptible to an array of skin problems. People with sensitive skin often experience troubling skin problems such as redness and inflammation. The task of applying makeup for sensitive skin can be extremely daunting. However, with the help of certain sensitive skincare tips, you can keep the outbreaks caused by makeup at bay 

The internet is chock full of beauty tips for sensitive skin. However, not all of these tips come in handy for keeping sensitive skin healthy and happy. Listed below are the expert-approved makeup tips you can use to stave off acne breakouts and other unsightly reactions. These simple yet highly effective makeup tips can make a world of difference to the appearance of your skin and its overall health. 

1. Prep the Skin

Prepping the skin is an important tip that you should follow to ensure that your sensitive skin does not react adversely to the makeup products. The first step involves cleansing the skin to remove trapped impurities and toxins. Use a gentle face cleanser that is formulated with ingredients suitable for sensitive skin type. Make sure that you thoroughly clean your facial skin

2. Apply Moisturizer with SPF

In general, sensitive skin is considered to be highly prone to damage caused by external elements like sun rays, air pollutants. Before applying makeup on your skin, it is crucial to slather moisturizer that comes with a sun protection factor. Pick a nourishing moisturizer that offers proper sun protection and treat your skin with it to help retain moisture and prevent damage caused by the harsh rays emitted by the sun. 

3. Use Products Especially Developed for Sensitive Skin

This is, by far the most important makeup tip that everyone with sensitive skin should follow. Experts recommend women to be wary while purchasing makeup products. It is good practice to check the label of the product to determine the ingredients present in a specific makeup product. The makeup products that are especially developed for sensitive skin usually contain organic ingredients that nourish the skin and do not cause irritation. 

4. Skin Patch Test

Patch testing is among the most important sensitive skincare tips that can help ward off unsightly breakouts and ensure that the skin stays in top shape. Before applying a makeup product, test it on a patch of skin. If you feel a burning sensation or experience redness and inflammation, then wipe off the makeup. These signs indicate that the makeup product is not suitable for your particular skin type. 

5. Finish with Makeup Setting Spray

A makeup setting spray is a game-changer that can help your makeup stay in top shape for a long span of time. Spraying this product is an essential step that everyone with sensitive skin should follow. It will prevent the makeup from getting cakey. Also, it will reduce the frequency of touchups. Buy a makeup setting spray that suits different skin types like sensitive skin. Once you have finished applying makeup, spritz a little bit of this makeup item and help keep your makeup intact through the course of the day.

6. Use Clean Makeup Tools

Makeup tools like makeup sponges and brushes help you attain perfect-looking makeup. However, if these tools attract a number of bacteria and germs. Using dirty makeup tools can expose your skin to harmful bacteria and cause an array of troubling conditions. Hence, the need to clean makeup tools on a regular basis to prevent skin infections. Use proper products to wash the makeup sponges and brushes and ensure that your skin does not break out due to them.  

7. Try Light Makeup

Wearing light makeup is a tried-and-tested way to ensure that the sensitive skin type does not break out. Not only does it feel very light on the skin, but it also lasts longer than heavy makeup. When, it comes to light makeup, it is not just the application process but also the formula of the makeup product that can make a world of difference. While buying the makeup products for sensitive skin, you should only go with products that feature lightweight formula. These products can help you attain full coverage without slathering layers of product on the skin. 

Using the above tips while applying makeup on sensitive skin can not only help you attain a flawless look but also ensure that your skin stays free of problems. If you’re looking for the best makeup brand for sensitive skin, then Dbsouq is your one-stop online destination that can help fulfill all your makeup needs. Browse through the collection of makeup products from some of the major cosmetic brands and purchase the one that suits your beauty needs.