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Makeup Tips and Tricks for the Wedding Season

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Anil Panghal

Sunday, September 15, 2019 10:30:46 AM Asia/Dubai

makeup tips for wedding

Wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most auspicious days in the life of the ones getting married. Specifically speaking, the wedding day matters a lot in the life of women especially their dressing, make-up and overall appearance. So, when you nearing on this big day, you might be worried about the makeup for your wedding day. It is true that are really some specific reasons to worry about the same.

Thus, for the elimination of all sorts for worries on the most auspicious day of your life here are a few of the most important tricks and tips for a wedding makeup following which would necessarily provide you with a glamorous look.

Best wedding makeup tips and tricks

Starting Preparation Early

Wedding is not an occasion that comes suddenly but it is pre-decided. So, the first of the makeup tips for the would-be brides is to start the preparation early. You need to be diligent with the routine of your skincare routine and make sure to get facials done on a regular basis if possible. This is bound to make a big difference to the texture of your skin which in turn plays a vital role in creating the best base for the wedding day makeup.

It would be a very good idea to aim for at least 3 monthly treatments prior to the wedding month for the purpose of illumination and firming your complexion. This is undoubtedly the most vital of the makeup tips for the bride.

Go for a Few Makeup Trials

Going for a few makeup trials before your actual wedding day. This would help you in understanding what suits you the best and it is ideal to start off the trials three to five weeks before the wedding.

The trial makes up provides you with the opportunity to experiment with different looks as well as the application techniques which necessarily makes you feel more confident on an actual day.

Make Use of Waterproof Products

It is of immense importance to select the right makeup products which can necessarily create a huge difference between looking gorgeous and makeup that lasts for the whole day long. Use waterproof makeup so that you would not have to regret wiping away the running mascara when you shed a couple of tears during the entire ceremony.

No one would like to look as if there is a beauty meltdown, thus it is ideal to go for the products that are long-lasting as well as waterproof. This is a very important tip for makeup for your wedding day

Foundation Should be a Perfect Match

There is a big difference between everyday dressing and dressing up for the wedding. So, at this point of time, it is to be made sure that the foundation that you are using for makeup should necessarily be a perfect match and hence one of the essential tips for wedding makeup.

Wedding Season Needs to be Considered

At the time when you are planning for the makeup for your wedding day, it is necessary to take your wedding season into consideration. Make use of the oil-free moisturizers, primers, and foundations for the prevention of the skin from appearing too shiny especially if your marriage location has warmer climates.

Do not forget to carry oil blotting sheets for the effective removal of excess oil without the makeup being disturbed.

Do Not Wear SPF

One more of the important makeup tips for the bride is not to wear an SPF since it will result in the camera flash bouncing off your skin which makes you look washed out. 

Choosing the Correct Concealer

When you are wearing make up for your wedding day, you need to select the most appropriate concealer and at the same time, you need to consider what flaws you wish to cover and select the type of concealer accordingly.

Framing the Eyes

Make use of a brow pencil to fill in your eyebrow and for the best results, select a shade or two lighter as compared to your own natural colour. 

Add Some Makeup to the Other Areas

When you do your make up for your wedding day, it is important to add some makeup to the other exposed areas of the skin like neck and shoulders if necessary. This helps in making the makeup look quite uniform.

 Apart from these, there are a number of other bride makeup tips that are required to be followed but these are necessarily the most important ones.  So, when you know that your wedding day is nearing, you need to keep the above-mentioned wedding make up tips in mind for getting the intended results. Most importantly, it would necessarily be a very good idea to seek the help of the professional wedding make up service providers for the best possible results on a great day.