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6 Tips - How to select the best lip gloss

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Anil Panghal

Monday, August 5, 2019 1:17:17 AM Asia/Dubai

best lip gloss

The wearing of lipstick or lip gloss is an extremely common affair among women. But many times, it happens that the women tend to get confused about the selection of the lip gloss and what color lip gloss should I wear is the only question that primarily arises in this regard.

There are two different types of lip glosses available and most importantly, all shades of lip glosses are not a match to every skin tone. These are the things that add up to the confusion of the users and they are not able to select the most appropriate lip gloss for themselves.

So, at this point of time, it would just be ideal to follow a few of the most important lip gloss tips which would be of great help in the selection of the best lip gloss. The six important tips to choose lip gloss are as follows. 

Here are 6 best tips to choose lip gloss

1. Type of Lip Gloss

First and foremost, you need to decide on the type of lip gloss. There are two different types of lip gloss, one is the pot and the other in the tube. The pot type lip gloss does not have a wand for application which needs to be either applied with the help of a brush or with hand. On the other hand, the tube type lip gloss consists of a wand for application. Thus, it is important for you to consider the type of lip gloss you prefer to use.

2. Price Range

The lip glosses are available in a wide range of prices. Thus, it becomes extremely important to decide the price range of the lip gloss that you intend to apply. You might have a preference for any particular brand but at the same time, you need to make sure that you can afford the same. It would be a very good idea to plan a budget well in advance to know the exact amount that you are intending to pay for the lip gloss. 

3. Decide the Shade or Colour

It is to be clearly understood at the time of applying lip gloss the shade or the colour matters a lot. It is to be kept in mind that not all shades and colours are appropriate with every skin tone. So, when you plan to buy lip glosses, you need to be quite clear about the best lip glosses for dark skin as well as the best lip gloss colour for fair skin.

It would be a very good idea to conduct research regarding the same and at the same time, you need to decide exactly where you lie on the spectrum and then go for the shade or the colour. It would actually be useless to buy a lip gloss colour or shade that looks great but you simply would not dare to wear on your lips. 

In this situation, it would be ideal to go for a skin tone reader which would necessarily be of great help in the selection of the most appropriate lip gloss for your skin tone. The individuals who are little fair can go for the pink hues.

The ones whose complexion is on the olive spectrum can certainly try the warmer as well as the earthier tones. Finally, the individuals who are a little dark can try out the berry, caramel and chocolatey shades which would be perfectly suitable.

4. Choose the Level of Shine

The selection of the shine level is important irrespective of the fact whether you are wearing lip gloss without lipstick or with lipstick. The level of shine needs to be selected as per the dress you are wearing and the skin tone you possess.

In addition to this, you also need to consider the overall makeup that you are wearing. There are some varieties of lip glosses available in the market that necessarily contain oils and shimmer for extra shine as well as glossiness. Thus, you need to select the lip gloss accordingly. 

5. Decide the Wearing Time and Place

At the time of applying lip gloss, you need to keep in mind when and where you are wearing. You would certainly not wear a shimmery or jarring red-colored lip gloss in office.

During the office time is 9 to 5, the focus should be on wearing creamy and warm shades particularly when you are under the harsh lighting of the office. Darker shades are better for the next half of the day. For a party, you can consider something extra shiny or shimmering one.

6. Additional Capabilities 

Finally, you need to consider some of the extra capabilities of the lip gloss like its conditioning capacities particularly if you have dry or sensitive lips. These types of lip glosses help to keep the lip moisturised throughout the day. Also, you can consider plumping lip gloss which plays a vital role in enhancing the size of the lips and appear them to look bigger. 

Following all of the above-mentioned lip gloss tips would certainly make sure that you are able to select the most appropriate lip gloss for yourself.