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How to Do Light Makeup - Step by Step Guides

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Anil Panghal

Thursday, May 2, 2019 4:13:44 PM Asia/Dubai

Light Makeup

Makeup forms a vital part of the daily routine for the ladies. But many times, they think of doing a light makeup and simply avoid heavy make up. This is exactly the situation when the only question that comes to the mind is how to do light make up. The question tends to create a lot of confusion and the ladies are not sure about we to move ahead with the same.

Now, to ease you out of the confusion, here we have prepared a step by step guide regarding how to do light make up. Please read through to find out.

Step by step guide regarding how to do light make up

1. Correcting the Skin Tone and Even it Out

Having clean skin is of immense importance at the time of going for light makeup. It is ideal to start off with a great skin regimen for the purpose of keeping the complexion of the skin just flawless. Using a very light coverage of foundation or BB cream would be just appropriate for a natural finish with sheer coverage. The central idea behind it is to even out the skin and not simply masking it with heavy product usage.

You can use a spot concealer in some of the particular areas which need a bit more extra coverage like under eyes, blemishes, sun spots, etc. Here for setting up the base, light powder is appropriate but it is to be made sure to use a light hand for the avoidance of a very thick powdery finish. This would necessarily give you a light face make up.

2. Tight Lining the Eyes

If you are going for a light makeup or a heavy one, the eyes have the definite power to either make or break it. Here it would be just ideal to tight line your eyes with the help of a black or a brown liner. The concept is tight lining is simply lining the top as well as the bottom inner rims of the eyes with the help of a liner.

It is recommended to stay as close as possible to the lash line. Using a black liner can for the light make up for girls with lighter or fairer skin might look a little harsh and hence a brown liner is suggested instead. The liner should be applied to the roots of the lashes so as to make sure to give them a natural volume.

3. Lifting and Defining the Lashes

The eyelashes form a major part of your overall look and hence giving enough importance is required. It is perfect to use an eyelash curler so that the lashes can get somebody and then you can make use of a defining mascara for properly separating them which would be fantastic for light face make up.

At the time of opting for a light makeup, it is better to avoid the use of a dramatic mascara which lengthens the eyelashes because of the fact that you are aiming for a natural look and not a heavy make up look.

4. Naturally Colour the Cheeks and Lips

When you are opting for light makeup, it is important to add natural colors to the cheeks as well as the lips. This is certainly one of the most important of light makeup tips. For effective light makeup, select an earthy peach tint or a rosy pink for your cheeks. It is to be kept in mind that only a small amount of the product is to be used for a stained as well as a rosy effect. Typically, a light makeup should necessarily involve the use of lip balm for the purpose of getting that nourished and plump effect.

The lip balm is to be evenly applied on the lips at first for softening the pout. Then the tip of the finger is to be used for tapping the bullet of the lipstick and gently pressing the tip of the finger on to the lips. This is done for adding a soft stain of the color of the lipstick on to the lips for giving a very light make up look. In this way, you do not look painted but still, you have sufficient colour on the face for looking fresh as well as pretty with light face makeup.

5. Filling and Shaping the Brows

Finally, at the end of the light makeup steps, the eyebrows need to be filled and shaped. This is because of the fact that the eyebrows necessarily forms the integral part f the light make up which you intend to put up. The use of an eyebrow pencil or powder for filling in the sparse areas is important to give you the desired look. You can simply brush them later with the help of clear mascara to ensure that the strands are set in place.

In this case, it would be very good to use an eye shadow that is cool toned and dark brown as an eyebrow filler. Here, it is to be made sure that all the arches are necessarily filled. You should be going for the darkest at the beginning of the eyebrows up to the arches and simply taper the color towards the end. This would certainly give you the light make up look which you are desirous of. This concludes the light make up steps for giving the required light make up looks.

Thus, if you are carrying out all the above-mentioned light make up steps is the proper way, you would essentially be getting light makeup looks which looks almost like you are almost wearing no makeup. So, at this point in time, if you are really keen to put on light makeup, do not waste any more time and start following the light makeup tips effectively for the best results.