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The Dress of Your Dreams – Wedding Saree and how to choose one.

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khaleel ahamad

Sunday, August 5, 2018 3:51:32 AM Asia/Dubai

It is not the Want to look good or but the NEED to look the BEST on the big fat wedding day that arrives only once in your entire lifetime. Anything that happens more than once is not as exciting as the first and hence a wedding is always special. This event would require you to plan carefully and execute even better. There would be a lot of uncertainties involved for which would have to be prepared for the best.

Sometimes, even the smallest details matter the most and this is such a moment. Spend a good amount of time scrolling through my parents and relatives wedding photo album. This would give you a perspective of what is going to happen and well, the most important thing - ask your grandparents about their experience (they share the best advice ever).

Selecting a saree is no easy task by any means and especially for your wedding you would have to keep a lot of things in your mind like the prices, design, length, color and whatever you select should not only compliment you but also fiancé. Normally, in the majority of weddings, the bride is seen wearing a white dress or a Wedding saree because white signifies softness, perfection, pure and innocence.

The big question Why a Saree for the wedding and not anything else?

1)      How would you pull off your BRIDAL SWAG? Saree, Goggles, and Jewellery.

2)      You will fit in it forever.

3)      When you pull up in a Saree, you will be treated like a Queen.

4)      You can drape your saree in multiple ways making it different every-time you wear one.

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Always remember, it is not only the saree, you need to select the appropriate blouse, matching bangles, jewelry and the inside material. We have different ones to choose from like Kanjeevaram, PochampallyIkkat, Paithani, Sambalpuri, Assam silk, Banarasi saree and Gota Patti and Chanderi Silk.

Usually, every bride wears a silk saree on her big day. Now coming to picking up a perfect one for u according to your height and body type is of your choice while multiple questions pop in your head when you think about selecting your wedding saree like what type of saree do I select, what color should I prefer and what would match me. To know the answers to such questions, read below:

Based on your Body Type:

  1. For a person who has a normal body type irrespective of your height, you can try Kanjeevaram or PochampallyIkkat as they are very elegant and traditional. However, based on your choice and preference you can try something with more fancy work as these sarees are mostly famous for their intricate weaving patterns. In case, if you’re tall you can try the variety that offers bigger border and large prints. The famous color options available are Maroon, Red, Blue, and GOLD.

wedding sarees

2) In case of a person who is a little overweight, it is highly recommended that they try out sarees made of chiffon and silk material which would highlight your body curves but cotton and other fabrics tend to make such person look a little big even when they are not. Preferably, the choice of the saree should be in a darker shade with delicate embroidery work as anything excess could make you would look a lot extra.

Kanjeevaram sarees

 3) If you’re slim or thin, you could try something in Cotton or Silk or Organza in which you can get extra embroidery work done like brocade or beadwork on a light coloured saree which would give a person a fuller figure. The most important aspect is the type of blouse design and type you wanna carry.

wedding sarees

4) Not only on your body shape and size, a wedding saree needs to be perfect to your skin tone too.

      1. In case if you are of cool or pale skin tone, you could try colors that are bright, strong and anything in blue looks good. Skip red because it is the most common colour. You could also try a lighter color with some pigment in them like light pink, green etc.

wedding sarees

b. For people with warm or medium skin tones, colours that dwells well like pink, saffron yellow, green highlights or peach is always appreciated.

wedding sarees

c. People who are of a little dark toned, getting a saree in gold or peach family or pastels would absolutely look perfect for them.

wedding sarees

To finish it off, the things you need to keep in mind are:

The colour of your choice, the material, the blouse, your comfort, go do window shopping and try as many stores as you can. Looking for sarees in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Entire UAE, DBSouQ is the Best option for all your needs