How to buy Designer Sarees Online in accord with your Body Type?


Sarees are the best outfits for every woman, no matter what profession she is into or what age group she falls in. One of the best things about saree is that it can be worn for every occasion, no matter if its regular day wears, or it is a birthday or it is a wedding. You can wear it anytime on any occasion.

Although the sarees are getting their trendiest avatar when it comes to matching the modern lifestyle, it is advisable that you should wear a saree that completely matches up with your height, color and body shape. It is only the right kind of saree will help you to look graceful and elegant. Otherwise wearing a saree will make you look like an ill-fashioned person.

So, if you are planning to buy designer sarees online, then you should buy one which matches your body shape. Here, we are sharing a few ways that help you choose the right kind of saree for your body.

Plus Size Women

Any cotton or starched saree will make you look bulkier if you are having a plus size figure. For heavyweight ladies, it is advisable to wear light fabric sarees that feel light on your body. Thus, you should avoid wearing cotton or tissue saree and chose for silk, chiffon, and other light material sarees instead.

Light fabric will make you look slim and if you are a little short in height, you should also avoid wearing a printed cotton saree. If your bust line is broader than average, then you should wear a V-neck blouse and a full sleeve blouse could help you cover not so thin arms.

Slim Women

If you are having a slim body, then you could opt for fluffy or cotton material. It will add a volume to your slim body. You can select the puff-sleeved blouse which will quietly work with your thin arms. You can also opt for a tissue saree which will make you look curvy and bulky.

Tall Ladies

For all the tall ladies in the country, you should avoid sarees that are having less print. You should buy designer sarees online which are having large prints. You will look perfect in large prints that will complement your height.

The large prints will divert the attention of viewers from your tall body to the skinny body. When it comes to choosing the perfect wear for you, then you can find various options, but you can avoid wearing net saree, thin fabric or low neck blouse.

Short Women

If you are a short woman, then wearing a saree will make you even shorter. You need to consider changing your wardrobe. Short women should need a saree with no or small borders. They should also consider fewer prints or no prints which will make you look slimmer and taller

Pear-shaped body

If the lower part of your body is huge, then you should try wearing a flatter underskirt or saree shapewear beneath your saree. This will make you flare and you will look slimmer than you actually are. You should try avoiding the designer sarees that are having frills and patchwork. You should choose a small printed or plain saree in dark or light colors that are depending on your skin tone.

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