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Easy Makeup Guidelines

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Monday, January 28, 2019 12:25:03 PM Asia/Dubai

Continuous experiments and the introduction of new makeup products, has given makeup new dimensions. Now people are not satisfied just with a layer of foundation, some blush ups and an eyeliner. The whole application of how-to-do makeup has been changed and people like that their skin should look as natural as possible even with makeup on.

Here are few steps that can help you look gorgeous only in a fifteen minute time:

1. Moisturizing the Skin: The first thing to start makeup is to moisturize your skin. There are two types of moisturizing creams available in the market, one is for oily skin and the other is for dry skin. You can choose according to what suits best to your skin. Makeup comes up flawless on a moisturized skin.

2. Conceal the Dark Circles: Even a good makeup will not give you that look if the dark circles around the eyes are not concealed properly. For that, you can take some cream but the shade should go well with your skin tone. After applying cream with a pointed brush, you can blend the cream gently with using your fingers.

3. Make Your Base Even: Making the skin even for makeup is important so that your skin should look flawless. The easiest way is to apply foundation cream evenly on your face. Choose the color of the foundation that suits best to your skin color. Best quality foundation sticks are also available and they are the best as they are easy to use. Use this stick as you use marker making thick lines on cheeks, above the eyebrows, sides of your nose, and neck. Now rub them gently with your fingers to spread the cream evenly on the face and neck.

4. Cover Blemishes: After the foundation is applied and the skin still looks blemish, then one coat of concealer has to be applied again on those areas. Make sure it matches with the rest of the face. You can also use powder to make it look little dull. If you use any substance that makes it look shiny, then that blemish part will look more prominent.

5. Apply Color on the Cheeks: After the foundation is done, it is time to give shade to cheeks. Never shade your cheekbones with powder using a brush. Cream-based blush makeup should be used to get glow-from-within results. First apply on the cheeks and then slowly go upwards with light touch reaching the temples.

6. Make Eye Base using Shimmery Makeup: For instant eye makeup, first, use sheer to give lids base. Now use shimmery cream starting from the lash line going towards brow bones using a finger. There is one more advantage of using a shimmery cream. It hides all those unnecessary hair which are not plucked for any reason. Silver white shimmer goes well with fair skin while champagne color looks gorgeous on dark skin. 

7. Make to give more Depth to Eyes: If you want to give your eyes more depth, then use gold or bronze cream eyeshadows. Bronze eye shade goes well at creases and you can smudge it with fingers to cover the harsh lines. This way it will look well blended. After spreading the cream evenly, use a brush to set the cream powder eye shadow of the same color. It is important to press the eye shadow with finger to make pigment evenly or it will start falling down on the face.

8. Add Some Description: If you want your eyes to look big, use brown color liner pencil on the rim of upper eye lash. Now set it with the powder eye shadow that you used in the upper step. Eyelash curlers are also used to make lashes dark. Now it is time for mascara-apply two coats. 

9. Give a Touch to Your Brows: The makeup of eyebrows can change the entire look of your face. For this reason, they need to be given more importance. Use lash curler and try to fill the gaps if any. Instead of giving a thick line, use multiple light strokes to give them natural look.

10. Lush-Looking Touch on Lips: The lip makeup should be started polishing them with a damp cloth followed by lip balm. Let the lip balm go well in the gaps without making them slippery. If it becomes so, you can use tissue paper to blot the extra balm. Choose the color of the lipstick and first apply in the middle of the lips making a kissing face. This is the part where lipstick comes out easily. Now apply on the rest of the lips giving a gentle touch. If you are going for some night function, then give a glossy touch. 

These are some of the tips that can help you get ready in few minutes and giving you a pretty look as well.