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  • Best 20 latest saree blouse design in 2019

    latest new facny saree blouse design

    A blouse is an essential part of the traditional attire, saree, that has been worn by Indian women for thousands of years. The design of the blouse can either make or break the look of the saree. Whether you want to embrace the new trend or pay tribute to a classic saree blouse design, it is important to handpick a design that complements the saree’s fabric and design.

    For all saree-loving women, we’ve compiled a list of latest blouse designs that are trending in the fashion scene. Pair them with any saree, lehenga and up the glam quotient of the ensemble.

    Here're top 20 best saree blouse designs in 2019

    1. Boat Neck Blouse

    boat neck blouse for women

    Boat neck blouses are all the rage nowadays with models and Bollywood celebrities donning this blouse design to multiple events. This latest fancy blouse design can completely transform the appearance of your saree. It looks equal parts traditional and modern and can be paired with different types of sarees like chiffon, satin, and georgette.

    2. Cape Style Blouse

    The uber-stylish cape style blouse is the latest fancy blouse design that has become the talk of the town. It looks bold, dramatic, and highly fashionable. From georgette saree blouse designs to minimalist printed saree blouse designs, the vintage-looking cape style blouse can be used as the ideal blouse design for a variety of sarees.

    3. Off Shoulder Blouse

    off shoulder blouse

    The off should blouse is enjoying a major fashion moment in 2019. It is often included in the latest blouse designs to become the rage in the fashion community. With an off shoulder blouse, you can flaunt your shoulders and look exceptionally stylish. This type of blouse looks best with minimalist sarees.

    4. Full Neck Ornamented Style Blouse

    full neck blouse

    Among the most popular latest blouse designs in today’s time is the full neck ornamented style blouse. It looks elegantly royal and this design goes well with a myriad of saree design and patterns. You can either wear a plain saree to flaunt the exquisite saree blouse design or wear it with an ornamented saree. This blouse style can be worn to festive occasions to create a significant statement style.

    5. Bow Back Blouses

    bow back blouse

    A lot of fashion trendsetters and fashion-enthusiasts have gone gaga over unique blouse designs like bow back blouse design. The bow back blouses are often sleeveless and can be adorned with party wear sarees.

    6. Backless Blouse

    The trend of the backless blouse design has made a major comeback and often considered to be a part of the georgette saree blouse designs catalog. This design lets you flaunt your back and looks exceptionally stylish.

    7. Collar Neck Blouse

    collar neck blouse

    The collar neck saree blouse design looks incredible with pure cotton sarees. This design gives a retro twist to the overall appearance. This is the latest fancy blouse design that you can spot on runway models in numerous fashion shows.

    8. Peplum Style Blouse

    peplum style blouse

    The contemporary-looking peplum style blouse is among the trendiest unique blouse designs that are worth trying out. The A-list celebrities often rock this saree blouse design to flaunt their unique and chic sense of style. Whether it is a fancy saree or a regular-looking saree, styling it with a peplum style blouse is bound to up its style game.

    9. Ruffled High Neck Blouse

    Want to add drama and glamour to your appearance? Then pair a saree with a ruffled high neck blouse that comes without sleeves. This uber-stylish blouse design is bound to turn all heads turn in your direction. It is one of the most preferred chiffon saree blouse design as it makes the entire outfit look supremely attractive.

    10. Asymmetric Back Style Blouse

    Among the latest saree blouse patterns trending all over the world, is the asymmetric back style blouse. A must-try for fashion enthusiasts, the asymmetric back design lets you make a powerful fashion statement.

    11. Tube Style Blouse

    For fashion lovers who want to go bold with their appearance, a tube style blouse design is an ideal choice. If you want to make a bold fashion statement, then style a tube blouse with either chiffon or satin saree and an attractive necklace to leave an ever-lasting impression. 

    12. High Neck Blouse

    High neck blouse

    Adorning any type of saree with a high neck blouse can accentuate your look. This quintessential saree blouse design is undeniably among the top trending latest blouse designs in 2019. Pair it with either a traditional silk saree or with a modern fancy wear saree to look regal.

    13. Full-Sleeve Shirt Style Blouse

    The full-sleeve shirt style blouse looks equal parts chic and glamorous. If you want to sport a unique-looking blouse design, then this is an ideal choice. It gives a modern twist to an age-old design and lets you look like a true fashionista.

    14. One Shoulder Blouse

    one shoulder blouse

    Whether it is a designer saree or a fusion saree, style it with a one-shoulder blouse and look like a glamorous diva. Rock this stylish design blouse with any type of saree and stand out from the crowd.

    15. Halter Blouse

    halter blouse

    Nothing speaks style like the combination of a fancy saree with a halter blouse. New blouse styles like this one can be paired with contemporary sarees. Whether it is a formal event or a festive occasion, team a saree with a halter blouse to look like an absolute diva.

    16. Back Peter Pan Collar Style Blouse

    The back Peter Pan collar style blouse design brings all the attention to the unique design and makes you appear funky, chic, and glamorous. The back of this type of blouse stands out and looks attractive.

    17. Semi Puffed Sleeves Blouse

    The simple-yet-stylish semi puffed sleeves blouse design can add glamour to the saree, This blouse design mostly looks great with cotton sarees. Its vintage look can make the saree ensemble look both traditional and contemporary.

    18. Racerback Neck Style Blouses

    The ultra-modern racerback neck style blouse is perfect for ladies who want to go bold with their outfit. It lets you flaunt your toned shoulders and back and can look great with a variety of sarees.

    19. Full Sleeves Embroidery Blouse

    Full sleeves embroidered blouse

    Blouses with full sleeves and heavy embroidery look best when paired with Indian silk saree. These blouses come with elaborated work and look royally elegant when styled with Kanchipuram sarees.

    20. Jacket Style Blouse

    The jacket style blouse looks both, bold and graceful. This type of blouse has gained a cult following among saree lovers. Adorn it with any silk or satin saree and statement jewelry to create an amazing fashion statement wherever you go.

  • How To Choose A Bridal Lehenga For Your Body Shape

    bridal lehenga for every body shape

    With thousands of bridal lehenga styles to pick from, the task the choosing the one that looks the best on you can be a challenging and overwhelming task. And, the type of bridal lehenga you wear on your wedding day can either make you look fab or drab. During wedding season, a lot of women type in words like ‘lehenga for plus size brides’, ‘lehenga for fat bride’, ‘lehenga for fat ladies’, ‘lehenga for short height’, ‘small girl lehenga’, etc., to find out about the bridal lehenga that would look the best on them. When it comes to choosing a bridal lehenga, it is imperative to take your body shape into account.

    Different Types Of Bridal Lehenga

    Here are some of the all-time favorite bridal lehenga styles that you can experiment with:

    Layered Lehenga

    A layered lehenga adds glamour to the wedding look. It is a modern lehenga style that can feature either two or multiple layers. A multi-layer lehenga is best-suited for brides who want to look equal parts traditional and chic on their wedding day.

    A-Line Lehenga

    The A-line bridal lehenga features an A-line hem. Ideally, this lehenga is tight around the waist and loose at the bottom. When compared to other bridal lehenga styles, an A-line bridal lehenga does not create much flare or drama. It rather looks simple yet elegant and is a perfect choice for a bride who wants to ace a minimal bridal look.  

    Fishtail Lehenga

     Fishtail or mermaid bridal lehenga style is something that a lot of ladies are going ga-ga over. Everyone from celebrities to fashion-trendsetters have adorned this type of lehenga on their D-days. Shaped like a fishtail, this type of bridal lehenga features a blend of contemporary and traditional style. It accentuates the natural curves. A fishtail lehenga skirt fits tightly from the waist to the knee and flares at the bottom.

    Flared Lehenga

    A true-favorite lehenga style that has been around for ages, the flared lehenga is also referred to as circular lehenga. It is a fishtail skirt type lehenga that features a wide flare and forms a circle. This bridal lehenga style makes any bride look like a princess. For brides who wish to look magnificent and bold, a flared lehenga is an apt choice.

    Choose a Bridal Lehenga for your Body Shape:

    Recognize your body shape and then experiment with various lehenga styles to determine which style resonates with your personal style and makes you look the way you want to on your wedding day.

    Rectangle Shape

    Rectangle Shape lehenga


    Ladies with a rectangle or H body shape have very few curves and opting for a bridal lehenga style that adds curves to the body is an ideal thing to do. The Bridal lehenga skirts that feature extreme volume look incredible on the brides who have this body shape. A flared lehenga skirt or the fishtail skirt type lehenga can accentuate the curves and make the entire outfit stand out. A lehenga blouse made with thick fabric that features heavy embellishments or embroidery can be the right choice for this body shape.

    Hourglass Shape

    Hourglass Body Shape Lehenga


    The hourglass shape is something that a lot of women dream of. The characteristics of this body shape is a wide bust and hips and a narrow waist. If a bride has this shape of the body then she can go for practically any bridal lehenga style as all styles complement this body shape. Whether she wants to stick to the traditional look or experiment with a contemporary styled lehenga, it is completely up to her. When it comes to picking the lehenga blouse, these brides can go with whatever they like. Whether it is a short blouse or a cape blouse, it is important to pick a style that goes well with the lehenga skirt.

    Pear Shape

    Pear Shape Body Lehenga

    Women with a pear-shaped body have heavy hips and for them, it is best to opt for a lehenga style that does not bring all the attention to the hips area. A high waist lehenga is the best choice for these brides as it highlights the best features. Whether you are looking for lehenga style for short height or lehenga for fat ladies, a high waist lehenga style is hands down a perfect style to flaunt on the day of the wedding. A high-neck or off-shoulder lehenga blouse tends to look great on brides with pear body shape.

    Apple Shape

    apple body shape lehenga

    Ladies with an apple shaped body have a heavy and wide upper body and a narrow lower body. A flared or circular lehenga is an apt choice for the brides who have an apple body shape. While deciding on the lehenga blouse, these brides should try to choose a style that creates a perfect balance between the shoulders and bust. A long-sleeved blouse with a wide neck tends to look fabulous on this body shape.

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