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  • Must Have Wedding Silk Sarees for Bride
    A woman has to play many roles in her lifetime – daughter, mother, wife, grandmother, friend and more. So if you are entering into a new phase and are about to become a bride, you literally have to go through a lot of things mentally and emotionally to get yourself prepared.Read More
  • Why should you buy branded watches for men?
    A lot of people might ask you why you need to own branded watches as a man. Well, the commonest answer in this regard would be the fact that almost each and every successful man has one – it is the sign that you have done well in your life. In fact, truth to be told, as far as men are concerned branded watches are one piece of jewelry that they should definitely own.Read More
  • Are you choosing the Right Party Wear Gown for Yourself?
    A carefully selected party wear gown can turn out to be an exceptional addition to your wardrobe. It is not that you are attending parties every day. It is not that you are buying these gowns every day. You want to turn heads every time you are donning them. Here is where keeping a few points in view helps. You want your party-look to be strictly extraordinary.Read More
  • The 4 reasons to choose a designer wedding saree over the normal ones

    Believe it or not, even the best clothing curators of the world agree that a saree, when draped in a perfect way, turns out to be one of the most elegant clothing any woman can adorn. A saree being a six yards clothing is something that every woman should own and the elegance it exudes is something for keeps.

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  • Purchasing Designer Lehenga for Wedding - Few Tips
    So, your dream day is knocking at the door and you are dreaming about the moment of walking towards your husband wearing the ornate and rich wedding outfit. The moment means a lot to all of us and therefore everything needs to be perfect to make the moment etched in the memories for the time to come. But choosing the perfect bridal lehenga is a vital task considering the fact that there are a number of important points that will help you to choose the right designer lehenga for the most special eve of your life. Let’s have a look:

    1. Research properly:

    Before you choose the right designer piece for you, you have to be aware of the latest fashion as well as the latest creations of your favorite designers to look trendy. So, try your best to get inspirations and references from different sources like visiting exhibitions or wedding shows. Start researching a few months before the wedding day.

    Designer Wedding Lehenga


    2. Set your budget:

    The wedding lehenga is the costliest among all the clothes that a girl purchases on her wedding. So, set your budget and set aside the amount to get the piece you desire. And while you search, keep the latest price ranges in consideration. Never check something beyond the budget. Otherwise, you will end up spending more.

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    3. Choose the desired style:

    Once you select the designer and decide the budget, the next thing you have to check is the lehenga style. There are numerous styles available from which you can choose on the basis of your preference. You can also choose the lehenga designs at the same time.

    Wedding Lehenga


    4. Don't experiment a lot with the wedding attire:

    You must like to wear something fashionable on your wedding day, but never overdo things. Rather choose something that actually works for you and flaunts your beauty and your best features. While it is about the wedding attire, you should only experiment within limits.

    Shop around before finalizing anything:

    No matter whatever you purchase, too many options can be confusing. Still, it makes sense to check the collection of all the designers, whom you have selected to prevent missing out anything. Once you are done checking all the options, you should settle on the best designer lehenga

  • 5. Try the outfit before purchasing:

    It is better to try the outfit before you purchase. It is also necessary in case you give it for making/fittings. The main reason why trying the outfit is necessary before purchasing is to check whether you feel comfortable in the fabric.

    Designer Bridal lehenga


    6. Choose a tailor, who is trustworthy and reliable:

    This point is meant for those, who are planning to purchase designer unstitched lehenga from the designer stores. So, in case you want to get the lehenga stitched with the reference and inspiration images collected by you, then you should only choose the tailor whom you trust and whose work you have seen earlier. This way, you will get the lehenga same as the reference.