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Buy Intimate Care Products- It’s Time for Healthy Yourself!

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Sunday, September 23, 2018 9:00:31 AM Asia/Dubai

Skin care products are becoming increasingly popular among women throughout the world. But almost all of them, if not organic, have their side-effects due to the chemicals used in them. It means the products that we are using, actually are doing more harm to our skin instead of giving any benefit and when it comes to intimate care products, they have to be selected more carefully.

Vagina is the most sensitive organ of a woman. This part of her body is prone to getting infection easily when compared to her other parts. You have to take extra hygienic care and keep these parts dry and clean. If not done so, you may get lower pH balance leading to various types of bacteria. In order to not let the bacteria grow around or in this part, you have to take some extra care.

Actually, cleaning the area with water for at least two to three times a day to avoid foul odor is recommended. The area should not be washed with soap as the harmful chemicals can damage the pH balance and you may get irritation in the area. So keep yourself clean while taking bath in the morning and once in the night before you go to bed.

If you ask few women about it, they definitely will swear by it. Truly speaking, it can become a topic of argument in your conjugal life and even break your relationship. Don’t forget that having infection in this area can be very painful and by taking medicines, coming to the normal life will take time.

If you are living in UAE, there is a wide range of intimate care products in UAE that you can use to keep yourself healthy. Some of the most famous and quality products are as follow:

  1. Feminine Intimate Wash: According to law some of the intimate care products are referred as cosmetics and although a good product, Feminine Intimate Wash also comes in that category. Its pH valued 3.8 contains biological balance of standard micro-flora, which is recommended to protect the genitals. With its regular use you can tackle the growth of micro-organisms. It does not contain any soap or alkali. It is completely organic and very useful in soothing the skin by fighting the bacteria effectively.


  3. Intimate Wash: This is mainly a personal care product. If the gel that you are using contains high level of pH, your intimate area can get affected badly. This product is also soap free with mild fragrance. The rich combination of aloe Vera and chamomile cleans you gently keeping your intimate part fresh and healthy. It is also very effective in keeping the pH balance intact protecting you from irritation.


  5. Saforelle Soothing Cream Intimate Hygiene: As far as intimate hygiene products UAE are concerned, this product tops the list. The product is in shape of different creams which are formulated especially for irritating, delicate, and sensitive skin. If you get discomfort due to itchiness in your intimate parts, the use of this cream can do wonders. It contains light alkaline pH and burdock which is a good combination to check the natural balance of skin. It is a perfect product for daily use.
  6. VWash Plus Expert Intimate Hygiene: This product is available in UAE but it is imported from USA. It is made to take care of the intimate parts of women’s body and to keep them free from itching, irritation, odor, white discharge, infection and pain. This product is thought to be one of the best products for vaginal health.
  7. Pielor Intimate Wash: This product is a good combination of pH and lactic acid which protects the outer layer of the sensitive area like vagina in a natural way. Giving you a very comfortable feeling, it keeps away the unpleasant odor and irritation. Made from chamomile flowers, offering pleasant smell, it keeps the skin soft throughout the day.
  8. Natural Herbal Products: A wide range of natural herbal products such as neem, aloe Vera, and Sea Buckthorn are also available in UAE. While aloe Vera moisturizes the skin, neem is considered as the best natural disinfectant, and sea buckthorn keeps the skin soft and smooth.

These are some of the top most intimate care products of UAE that you can use in your day-to-day life for comfort and to keep good hygiene.