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Best Luxury Watches For Women In The UAE

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Anil Panghal

Wednesday, October 2, 2019 8:32:43 AM Asia/Dubai

Best Luxury Watches For Women

A luxury watch can help women make the ultimate fashion statement. The glamorous design of a luxury watch along with its visually appealing style enables these watches to leave a strong and long-lasting impression. Dripping in precious stones and boasting intricate details, luxury watches can single-handedly glamourize your entire look. 

Adorning a glittering watch is a time-tested way to enhance your style appeal. Women all over the UAE are fond of sporting luxury watches. There is a high demand for luxury watches in places like Dubai. Everyone from luxe-loving ladies to celebrities is going gaga over the overwhelming collection of luxury women watches available all over UAE. 

A luxe-looking wristwatch can help you make a bold fashion statement and also elevate your style appeal. In the UAE, it is common for women to style their outfits with sophisticated luxury watches that act as multipurpose accessories. Some of the top women’s watch brands list contains names like Rolex, Michele, Longines, Vachoren Constantin. 

There is no shortage of luxury watches in the UAE. While there are plenty of options that you can explore, if you’re looking for the most popular and celebrated luxury watches for women, then do read on. Here is a list of popular ladies watches that you can add to your luxury watch collection and don them wherever you go. Pick the watch that best suits your style requirements and look stunning wherever you go. 

Here're the best luxury watches for women in the UAE

1.Ballon Blanc de Cartier

The Ballon Blanc de Cartier is among the most beautiful watches for women. Featuring the timeless beauty of Mother of Pearl, the Ballon Blanc de Cartier is an incredible luxury watch that can help you make a fashion-forward statement. The classic round shape of the dial that displays the eye-catching beauty of diamonds will leave everyone in awe of its fabulous beauty. 

2.Serein Mid Stainless Steel Diamond Watch

The glittering Serein Mid Stainless Steel Diamond Watch is a graceful timepiece. It is an exquisitely crafted luxury watch that features a diamond-studded dial and stainless steel strap. The intricate design on the outer rim enhances the glam quotient of this glittering timepiece. 

3.Bulgari Serpenti Incantati

The highly coveted Bulgari Serpenti Incantati features exquisite design. Feel the softness of satin bracelet on your wrist and flaunt the beauty of diamonds and rubellites by adorning this luxury watch by the iconic Italian brand. Add this incredible Bulgari luxury watch to your watch collection and adorn it to special occasions to grab everybody’s attention. 

4. La Grande Classique de Longines Diamond Bracelet Watch

The next addition to this watch brands list is the luxurious Le Grande Classique de Longines Diamond Bracelet Watch. The classic white and diamond-studded dial are alluring. Dripping with dazzling diamonds, this Longines bracelet watch is a perfect accessory to adorn with any type of outfit to take the style game to new heights. 

5. Piaget Polo FortyFive Lady Watch

Wrap the alluring Piaget Polo FortyFive Lady Watch around your wrist to attract all attention to your impeccable style. Boasting diamond bezel and stunning white dial, this luxury watch is among the best watches for women. It provides a high-end look and enhances the glam appeal of any woman. 

6. Vacheron Constantin Overseas Small Model

This is a perfect watch for the lady who desires an elegant timepiece. Vacheron Constantin Overseas Small Model is among the most popular branded watches for women. Featuring a highly polished case, stainless steel bracelet, and blue-colored dial, this Vacheron Constantin watch is a

7. Deco Sport Watch Head & Silicone Strap Watch

The Michele Deco Sport Watch Head & Silicone Strap Watch is a highly sophisticated luxury watch. The design of this dazzling timepiece is the perfect blend of classic and contemporary. It is the ultimate symbol of elegance and style. Whether you are heading for a cocktail party or a date, adorn this amazing luxury watch to leave a long-lasting impression. 

8. Dolce & Gabana Sofia Pink Gold

The fabulous pink strap of the Dolce & Gabana Sofia Pink Gold and its well-designed dial makes it one of the top watches for women. This fine-looking watch for ladies is equal parts chic and elegant. Made with 18 kt pink gold, the watch can also be worn as a piece of statement jewelry. The exquisite design of this luxury watch makes it worth the splurge. 

9. Royal Oak Offshore Quartz

Royal Oak Offshore Quartz is the ultimate watch for women with fine taste. The alluring diamond-set bezel and the visually appealing combination of pink and gold make it one of the best watches for women. This stunning watch can single-handedly take your style game to the next level. 

10. Rolex Stainless Steel and 18K Yellow Gold Two Tone Datejust Watch

The Stainless Steel and 18K Yellow Gold Two Tone Datejust Watch is an exquisite timepiece developed by one of the most celebrated brands, Rolex. This elegant watch features a balanced weight and offers ultimate comfort. The dual-tone of the bracelet adds drama and glamour to this stunning timepiece. 

With highly-polished straps, exquisitely crafted dial designs, and functional properties, the above-stated luxury watches are worth the splurge. Adorning a luxury watch can elevate your style. Whether it is a special occasion or just a corporate meeting that you need to attend, pair a luxury watch with your outfit ensemble and look like a stunning diva. You can buy the women watches from the online shopping uae based DbsouQ website.